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Tokens of Love & Romantic Enticements

More flowers from Mr. Romantic on my birthday. πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸŽ

“Flowers, besides being an eminently acceptable gift of courtship πŸ’‘, played an important part in the wooing and winning of one’s lady love πŸ’˜. One had to be careful, though, what kind of flowers one sent.

The ‘language of flowers’ (and most etiquette books πŸ“š offered translations), an elaborate floral code, assigned different meanings to different blooms🌹, thus allowing many a shy suitor to send a bouquet πŸ’ which delicately suggested what he dared not day out loud. 🀭”

From Victorian Keepsake, by Alison Kyle Leopold.

Advice By Kim

Flowers Just Because

πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸ§Έ Flowers from my husband “just because.” It’s not my birthday yet. πŸ₯°

My husband always manages to surprise and delight me when I least expect it. I received beautiful flowers three days before my birthday, August 1st. It’s his signature style: take you by surprise.

I counted 27 roses. Out of curiosity, I Googled the meaning and it said, “27 Roses – Tell your wife how much you love her with 27 roses.”

He’s a “4th Dimensional Thinker,” which means he always plans in advance. Always early. Never late. According to him, “You’re either early or late. There’s no such thing as being on time.” LOL!

I once told him not to buy me flowers anymore. I’m a practical person and I’ve had my fill of flowers over the years. He said, “You don’t get to tell me to not buy you flowers any more than you can tell me to buy you flowers. I buy you flowers because I want to.” And that was that. Because he’s the man.

The lesson: you don’t get to decide how a man shows his love for you. Be in your Divine Feminine energy πŸ‘Έ to graciously receive and have the supreme confidence of knowing you are in his mind and in his heart. πŸ’–

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Advice By Kim

Setting the Date

[Setting the Date ⏰] A woman should not be the one picking the date and time. If she does, then she’s doing a man’s job for him. (Plant-based Guy?🌱🌾🌴)

It’s a gentleman’s prerogative to make and offer solid plans if he wishes to request your presence. It’s your prerogative as the woman to accept or decline his offer.

If he asks, “What days on the weekend work for you?”

Keep in mind, the weekend is Saturday through Sunday. That’s a 48-hour window and 6 different times to work with on 2 days: morning, afternoon, or evening. It’s a man’s prerogative to decide and not burden his date with those details.

It’s not rocket science. When a man puts it on the woman to set the time and date, he’s probably busy multi-tasking, distracted, texting other people, or has his mind elsewhere… And he doesn’t have bandwidth to make that decision.

We don’t know why and we are not going to do his job for him. All we know is that he isn’t putting forth his best effort in the game. It’s half an effort.

You should put it back in his court and say, “Either day works.”

And let him step up.

If you want a man to properly court you, don’t help him.

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Divine Feminine

The Rules and Religion

[The Rules & Religion πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸ•Š] Interesting. Word has gotten around that a “Christian Love Coach” criticizes, shames, and condemns other people’s religious beliefs and practices that are different from her own. The truth is, she was able to get married thanks to the advice of 2 Jewish American women who wrote The Rules…

She got married with the help of many books, coaches, and gurus. But now denies it all and says it was because of God, which lacks dignity, integrity and truth. You can’t write a “thank you” note to everyone who helped you for 5+ years of your Rules journey and then pretend like it never happened. The internet is forever.

Imagine if The Rules authors did this on their FB: calling everyone a “sinner.” πŸ€”

The Rules doesn’t discriminate against people based on their religion. The Rules are spiritual. We help and respect people of all religions and all different kinds of faiths. I have personally helped clients who are Catholic, Baptist, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Orthodox, Taoist, Atheist, Agnostic, New Age, etc… We don’t judge, condemn or criticize people for their beliefs. We empower people by giving them the tools and support they need to go through the “Trials of Love πŸ’˜” and be happily married to their Mr. Right. Period.

In fact, one the first things that The Rules certification course instructs is to refrain from preaching about YOUR religion. The Rules is simply a specific set of behaviors around men. It’s not about God, Jesus, Buddha, or religious practices. When someone pontificates about religion, it’s proof they are NOT a Certified Rules Coach.

If you follow other Rules Coaches, no one talks like this. No one has this much audacity or unabashed arrogance to call someone a “sinner.” Who died and made them God?

I find that many of these millennial dating bloggers are Happiness Haters. They suffer from Girl Envy and love to hate on other women. I taught a course on this called, “Chili Peppers Are Hot, Women Jealous πŸ”₯.”

Your Truly,

Kim Evazians, Divine Feminine πŸ‘‘ & Faithful Servant of the Lord πŸ™


Lost in Translation

[Lost in Translation βœ] Just saw this in my feeds this morning. They translated my blog title as, “The Quiet Snuggle 🧸 Is Over.”

In the US, Snuggle is a laundry fabric softener. The original title is supposed to say, β€œThe Quiet Struggle Is Over.”

I’m dying here… πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

My client, a member of The Empress School said, β€œTranslating is okay to read for information, but no high energy there πŸ€”β€¦ The energy of the words.”

I always tells my clients, “Energy is everything. You can’t fake energy.”

The ones who have been working with my and have listened to most of my lectures are acutely aware and accustomed to my vibes. At least the ones that are in my group.

A foreign entity will feel different to them: low or no energy.

I asked her to clarify what she meant and she said that the basic information is there but it lacks the energy of the original English copy.

This means translated copies of my work could be watered down and have less effect.

No Empress vibes πŸ‘‘. Energy doesn’t lie.

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Male Universe

Men, Money, and Manners

Boys or Men? It’s not about courtship or romance. It’s a man’s distinction and upholding masculine dignity. My father and husband always pay for ladies. That’s how they roll.

[Opinion Poll: Men, Money, and Manners] My opinion is… If a man is mean with money, he will be ungenerous in other areas. Ungenerosity is an unattractive trait. I avoid cheap people at all costs. I’m a generous person and the company I keep are the same.

I don’t even like to use the word “classy” but I am carefully giving elegant instruction to the ladies of my “Empress School,” women with matrimonial ambition. It’s not classy to talk about money or the cost of things or to ask for money. A clear distinct trait of classy people is that they are financially abundant, prosperous, self-sufficient and generous. They are usually the people who are giving, not the ones being given to.

In “The Empress School” (my private FB group), we are currently discussing dating trends and who pays. My narrative is to help these ladies distinguish class behavior and correct courtship etiquette. After all, most people will marry within their class. Not too far above or below. Some people do, but that is not according to my coaching pedagogy. And those people often suffer unnecessarily.

Much of the dating problems today is a class problem (or lack thereof). Classy people generally do not talk about how cheap or how expensive something is, or how much they paid for something. This is just in general conversation.

But in dating, especially in the beginning stages, a man should be gallant, chivalrous and generous of his time, money and attention to someone he is seriously courting. He should not talk about the cost of things, split the check or ask a lady for contributions. He cannot do that without losing his dignity, masculine pride, and losing his man card. Then a lady may wonder if he is broke. It sends a signal that he is possibly from the underprivileged class.

(Or maybe he’s a plant-based man? 🌱🌿🌾)

A man asking a lady for financial contributions on the first few dates risks contempt, pity or alienation all together. (In The Rules terms, “NEXT!!!”)

Class is more than just having money, it’s manners. Open your eyes and pay attention. As the lady, your job and feminine prerogative, is to silently observe. Not verbally correct, criticize or complain to your suitor. You’re his date, not his mother. Realize that he’s not for you and graciously move on without waging a war over the bill. It’s not worth it. And it’s unclassy.

If he does not have enough money to cover the cost of dating, then he’s not suitable to date. A mature man will work, earn and save enough money until he is financially capable of properly courting a lady. Otherwise, he’s punching above his weight.

This is the first thing that comes to my mind regarding the masculine role. I haven’t even discussed the feminine role yet. That will come later.

But in the meantime, this is my position. If a man speaks of money early on during courtship, chances are, the couple will have money problems or fight about money for the rest of their marriage. What do you think? Please share your thoughts.

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