Fox Austin Good Day: “Date Night for Couples”

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Fox Austin Good Day Morning Show called me in as the local dating expert for their theme week  “Date Night for Couples” to give them advice on  how to have date night and why it is important to have them, even after they are married.

To watch the video, click here: Fox Austin Good Day: Date Night for Couples

Here is the interview and my “TOP 4 TIPS for DATE NIGHT”.

1. Why is it important for couples to have a date night? They are married after all.

Kim: “It’s important for couples to have date night, especially if you have children, because it keeps the passion and romance going, which is essential to having a happy, healthy, long-lasting marriage. By having date night, you’re telling this person, ‘You’re important to me, I care about you and I love you.’”

2. Why is it hard for couples to have date night?

Kim: “We’re so goal-driven and have so much freedom and choice in what to do that we get distracted and caught up in being busy. It’s very tough to do date night, especially if you have a full-time job, kids and all the things that revolve around them. That alone takes up a lot of your time. It’s easy to get caught up in what we’re doing day to day that keeps us from making time for our partner.”

3. What if one person breaks a date night or doesn’t think it’s necessary?

Kim: “I would say, ‘When CAN we have date night? If not now, then when?’ You can delay it, but you can’t break it. It’s not urgent, but important. Think of it as scheduled car maintenance. We bring our car in regularly for oil changes and scheduled maintenance even when there’s nothing wrong in order to avoid breakdowns. If you don’t have date night, then you run the risk of having breakdowns, because one person may feel like they’re being neglected, ignored and not being taken care of. Over a period of time, couples can drift apart. You should have date nights regularly to maintain the relationship and avoid having breakdowns just like you maintain your car.

4. What advice would you give couples about creating a date night?


1. COMMIT TO DATE NIGHT by setting time aside to spend time alone, uninterrupted, once a week, preferably on a Saturday night, and do not allow anything to break that commitment. Call a babysitter or grandma. No kids, phone calls, emails or texts.

 2. MAKE IT SPECIAL. It can be a night on the town at a nice restaurant or a gourmet meal cooked at home. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive; it just needs a break from your regular routine. If you normally eat at home, dine out. If you normally dine out, order in or take-away. If you do go out, don’t stress over every penny spent on dinner, drinks, and dessert, parking and movie tickets. It’s money well spent if it makes your partner feel happy, alive and like you’re dating again. Ladies, you can wear something special like mini-skirts and high heels if that what he’s into. Do you hair, makeup, pedicure and don’t forget a splash of perfume!

 3. KEEP IT LIGHT. Just smile, be happy and grateful to have this wonderful person in your life. Listen attentively and be supportive. This is NOT the time to talk about the list of complaints you have about your job, the kids or your partner. Save that for another day.

 4. INTIMACY. Physically pamper your partner. It’s not only the time to emotionally connect, but physically connect as well. Wear sexy lingerie. Plan on having sex.

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