Rules 911 Call from London, UK While Stranded at Airport

My husband and I just returned from a 10 day vacation in NYC with delays connecting back to Austin, which kept us stranded at Chicago O’Hare. I kept many Rules clients who need consults waiting for many days until I got back. A delay due to weather at O’Hare made us miss our connecting flight home. After that, it was a series of bouncing between United Airways and American Airlines chasing after the next available flight. All the flights were oversold and each time, we were standby. We spent a day and a 1/2 chasing and missing all the flights due to ridiculously, obscenely long lines at check-in and security. I even had to do a body scan. We had to walk across the street and spend the night at the Hilton and woke up early to catch the 7:56am flight, which was full, too!

It was 11:30am and we were anxiously hoping to get on the 1:00pm flight or else it would have to be the 8:20pm flight that night. I felt so badly holding off my Rules Girls that long that I emailed my request list to open up for some slots while I was still stranded at the airport. I usually don’t do consults unless I’m in a quiet private place, but my clients didn’t mind. It was urgent. It was a Rules 911 call, which means “urgent and important, this cannot wait, call me now!” So I found the quietest corner by Eli’s Cheesecake to take a call from a Rules client in London, UK and here’s what she wrote in my Guestbook afterwards:

Kelly Cole said: July 26th, 2011 5:40 am
“Kim is so calm and positive, when I feel like going crazy or am finding the rules really difficult she puts me back on the right path and this is so much better for myself and my boyfriend!! Her ideas are so sensible and really work! An extra boost to the rules!! Thanks Kim for all your help!! ;-)”

Well, I’m so glad I could save the day for a Rules Girl in London 6 hours away and keep calm even though I was stranded at the airport trying to comfort myself with a piece of cheesecake.

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”  ~Japanese proverb

Much Gratitude,

Kim, The Modern Geisha

“The Modern Geisha is always moving in a good mood… She is always calm, beautiful, happy, serene, grateful and unperturbed.”

Privacy & Confidentiality: All consultations are 100% private and confidential. No information about a client is shared or published without prior knowledge, review and consent. Testimonies and stories are voluntarily shared at the client’s own discretion to educate, enlighten and inspire others.

Note:  This message is intended for a general audience only. There are rules and exceptions to the rules. I give advice on a case-by-case basis only and not cookie-cutter advice. If you have questions regarding this matter, please email for a private consultation.


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