Simplicity Is Sophistication

A common occurrence with The Rules is, there are so many that lots of women get stressed out trying to do them all in the right manner, at the right time and with the right guy.

They want to succeed and get what most women want: Get to the altar faster.

I often get, “Am I doing this right? I really like this guy and I want to get it right this time!”

To ease their pain, I simply have them relax and focus on one single and most important rule: “Be a creature unlike any other.”

If you can do Rule #1, everything else will naturally fall into place.

If you just focus on being your best, you won’t have to worry so much about the rest.

My clients get fast-acting results because I keep it simple… So simple, they cannot fail.

Amateurs make simple things seem complicated. Experts make complicated things seem simple.

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