Happily Married and Maddeningly Addicting

Hi Girls!
I am new to the group. I have a maybe unRules-like question…. Can this group be helpful to me if I am in a committed relationship, but we have no intention of getting married? I know the marriage part is pretty much the “goal” of The Rules, so I am not sure how I fit in here. Ha ha 🙂


Hello and welcome, Aimee!

You have come to the right place! As creator and founder of this group, I have been patiently waiting for a long time now for someone like you to come along and ask me this question, which will allow me the opportunity to explain and differentiate The Rules from The Modern Geisha.

When I created this philosophy, Secrets of the Modern Geisha™, I created it with you in mind–the modern woman who does not necessarily subscribe to the concept of marriage even if she is in a committed love relationship.

Here are the differences:

The Rules is how to “Marry Mr. Right.”
The Modern Geisha is how to be “Maddeningly Addicting.”

The Rules is about boundaries.
The Modern Geisha is about charm.

The Rules is old-fashioned, unflinching, rigid and tough.
The Modern Geisha is ancient-meets-modern, soft, fluid and flexible.

The Rules is Western. The Modern Geisha is Eastern.

The Rules’ goal is marriage and relationship status oriented.
The Modern Geisha’s goal is maddeningly addicting regardless of the relationship status.

In a nutshell, Secrets of the Modern Geisha™ philosophy can greatly benefit single, dating, married or marriage-minded women, but is not limited to helping marriage-minded women.

A happy and successful marriage or committed relationship is just one of the many positive by-products of being a Modern Geisha among other perks, but is not necessarily the main goal.

The Rules and The Modern Geisha are different, but not a contradiction. They are similar, but not competing. You don’t have to choose one over the other. You can be both!

I am living, breathing proof of being “Happily Married and Maddeningly Addicting,” because I practice and preach them all.

Happily Married and Maddeningly Addicting

I highly recommend any woman to embody both The Rules and The Modern Geisha philosophy for an uncommon and superior edge.

The ultimate in being a “Creature Unlike Any Other!”

Kim Evazians

Krista Powers says:
“From what I know about the Modern Geisha group, MG is a philosophy that is used no matter who you are and what your relationship status is. It’s more about who you are and what you want to become, not necessarily about successfully getting married or in a relationship. In my opinion, Kim is starting a movement of powerful, confident and elegant women in all aspects of our lives.”

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