Why You Should Never Test a Man

I gave this advice to a client about a year ago. This week, she wanted to revisit this topic and requested a Modern Geisha lesson on “Why You Should Never Test a Man.”

She said, “You once told me this in a Modern Geisha lesson and now I want to understand why.”

Now a traditional, old-school teacher might get angry, perturbed or upset at such a question. In the old days, a student who comes back with a such a question might be perceived as being insolent, irreverent or not trusting in the teacher.

I was neither angry, perturbed nor in a bad mood at all, but thrilled and delighted at her question. In fact, I think it’s something every woman should know if she doesn’t already.

I believe she asked out of curiosity rather than mistrust. I simply took it as her sincere interest in wanting to learn a deeper and more profound level of Modern Geisha wisdom.

Never once has she asked me a Rules question. From the get-go, all she has ever asked me was, “Please teach me everything from A to Z on how to be a Modern Geisha. What would a Modern Geisha do?”

In a typical Modern Geisha lesson, I always begin by asking, “So please tell me, what brings you here today? What is the reason for your question?”

Since I had already given her my advice, I was curious to know why she was now asking for a detailed explanation behind the advice.

She said, “In the past, I used to test all of my exes–every single one of them–and well…. Now they’re all my exes.”

I laughed out loud and said, “Good answer. Brilliant!”

She got to experience the results of testing a man, but she never fully understood why until after our lesson.

This question is so fundamental, basic and important that I am now offering detailed narratives to give every woman uncommon and superior wisdom in her relationships.

Whether you are happily single, dating, engaged, married or in a committed relationship, I am happy to announce the newest addition to my repertoire of Modern Geisha Fundamental Lessons:

“Why You Should Never Test a Man: 12 Fundamental Reasons”

Private Modern Geisha lessons are available upon request at http://themoderngeisha.wordpress.com/secrets/.

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