Fundamental #12: What Acid Tests Reveal

To follow-up on my previous blog, “Why You Should Never Test a Man” here is Fundamental #12: What Acid-Tests Reveal, the last but most profound of them all.

Rather than stating the obvious, in my client’s own words, “I used to test all of my exes…. Now they’re all my exes,” I will share one of my secrets and uncommon sense in #12 of the 12 fundamentals.

Common sense yields average, mediocre results and can even be the very source of your problems.

An example of common sense is when women apply acid tests to the men they are dating in order to reveal answers they think they cannot get by asking in a normal and direct manner.

Reasons a woman will test a man is to see:

1. Does he really love me?

2. How much drama will he put up with?

3. Will he still love me even if I am mean, start fights, be at my worst and act crazy?

Hmmm…… Let me think about this for a minute……

Let’s consider The Rules. Do you remember Rule #1: “Be a creature unlike any other,” the first and most important rule of them all?

“Rule #1 is being the best that you can possibly, humanly be,” my exact words to Nikki in my interview on Austin Underground TV Show.

Click link to see video: Austin Underground: Dating Coach Tips

So you want to be mean, nasty, have a temper tantrum and be at your worst…. Which basically means to be un-Rule #1, un-CUAO and un-Modern Geisha….

And see if he still loves you?

Here is my million dollar answer:

What these acid tests truly reveal more than anything, is your own deep, dark insecurities and shortcomings rather than his.

A friend of mine shared this article as he said, “And smart men know to refuse to play along if tested.”

“Why We Shit Test” reveals the dark side of the female psyche:

They call it a “Shit Test,” but since I am a Rulesy Modern Geisha who strives to use polite and elegant language, I call it an “Acid Test.” 😉

To learn more about my secrets and “Why You Should Never Test a Man: 12 Fundamentals,” please visit please visit my Secrets page.

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