Modern Geisha Mastery Mondays

For Rules girls seeking to advance and learn Secrets of the Modern Geisha™ philosophy, you can now attend Modern Geisha Mastery Mondays. These a la carte semi-private lessons offer a rare opportunity to accumulate uncommon knowledge and wisdom from “the ancient flower and the willow world.”

Learn the Modern Geisha’s notoriously profound, yet simple secrets. There will be a combination of geisha history, tradition, culture, Eastern philosophy, psychology of men and women, love and sex, as well as an introduction to fundamentals: physical, spiritual and mechanical laws. When we understand and are in harmony with these laws, life becomes much easier, more natural and effortless.

Here is an opportunity for live and intimate conversations with the Modern Geisha in a safe and semi-private learning environment. It is rare for Geishas to make public appearances and reveal their cherished and well-kept secrets.

Knowledge and power are now available and accessible to those who seek it. The classes strategically build the character, competence and identity of a Rules Girl – Modern Geisha.

Modern Geisha Mastery is every first and third Monday of month April 2nd through July 2nd.

1. Seductive Texting – April 2
2. Facebook Dating Secrets for Girls – April 16
3. Chili Peppers Are Hot, Women Are Jealous – May 7
4. Master Your Mood to Marry Your Man – May 21
5. Wu Wei in the Workplace – June 4
6. What Would a Modern Geisha Do? – June 18
7. Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know – July 2

Class Times: U.S. Central Standard Time in Austin, Texas (UTC-6)
9:30am CST, Malaysia 10:30pm
3:30pm CST, London 9:30pm, Vienna 10:30pm
8:30pm CST Los Angeles 6:30pm, New York 9:30pm

Cost: $25
Duration: 60 minutes
Where: Skype
My Skype ID is “kimistryteacher.”

To register, please:
1. Click

2. RSVP on Facebook Events

5 mins: Hello & Housekeeping
25 mins: Lecture Presentation
25 mins: Open for Q&A
5 mins: Closing Comments & Thank You

All those who attend you will receive the audio once it is released. If you missed the class, you can order the MP3 audio.

To order your copy, please:

1. Click Quick Question

2. Email with the class title in the subject line.

Much Gratitude,
Kim Evazians
The Rules Coach aka The Modern Geisha

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