Great Start with Asia, Europe and U.S.

I want to thank all the lovely ladies from around the world who attended “Seductive Texting,” my first of seven Modern Geisha Mastery classes continuing through July 2nd. This is a unique and rare opportunity, and I am so happy and ecstatic to see many of you show up!

When I created this Facebook event on Sunday evening March 18th, I asked myself, “If my doctor told me I had only six months left to live, what do I want to accomplish before I die? What would a Modern Geisha do?”

This is how I live and make decisions day to day, as if my life depends on it. These critical questions inspired me to take action now to live a meaningful, productive and powerful life with purpose and value, and do it without delay.

Perfectionism and procrastination are two sisters I battle with every day, because they keep me from taking action now. But I jumped in a boat sailing me off to living my dreams as the Modern Geisha and left perfectionism and procrastination behind.

The next thing I said to myself was, “I am committed. Who is with me?” Then I sent out the invitations. I was excited many of you jumped in the boat with me. Let’s go!

Congratulations! What it takes to live a successful and powerful life is simply to make a decision. Your decision is the beginning of action and once you decide what you truly want, the Universe organizes around helping you get it! Believe it or not, the simple act of making one decision is exercising your power and sets the wheels of momentum in motion.

I created these Modern Geisha Mastery classes to help you live a more powerful and elegant life. My goal is to teach you how to live each day with purpose, meaning and intention by teaching you uncommon wisdom and knowledge as the The Rules Coach and Modern Geisha.

I am still on a singing high with the adrenaline rush from the “Seductive Texting” classes and all your excitement, enthusiasm and great questions! I love to write, but I love speaking ten times more. I prefer live, intimate conversations in small groups where you get a semi-private lesson. An incredible amount of information gets streamed each session.

Between The Rules and Secrets of the Modern Geisha philosophy, I have volumes of material to share with you now and I want to do it in the most efficient manner, thanks to Skype!

The classes are recorded and all attendees get an MP3 copy of the audio. That’s your audio book! You can access it 24/7 anytime, anywhere while you’re commuting and on-the-run.

Welcome to the Digital Age and a new way of learning new information. I made this as simple and easy as possible for women all over the planet by a click of a button. You’re in!

For the next 90 days, I am fully committed 200% to giving you my best while remembering, “What if my doctor said I have only 6 months left to live?”

What would you do? And what’s holding you back?

Would love to see you all in my class Monday, April 16th for Facebook Dating Secrets for Girls!

Class Times:
9:30am CST/UTC-6 (Malaysia 10:30pm)
3:30pm CST/UTC-6 (London 9:30pm, Vienna 10:30pm)
8:30pm CST/UTC-6 (Los Angeles 6:30pm, New York 9:30pm)

Cost: $25
Duration: 60 minutes
Where: Skype
My Skype ID is: “kimistryteacher.”

To register, please:
1. Click 

2. RSVP on Facebook: Facebook Dating Secrets for Girls.

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