Text Addict

Are you a text addict? Is that killing the attraction and making him go away?

Here is sneak peak from my class on “Seductive Texting,” where I teach women how to build rapport with men.

To be seductive, you must maintain your mood and feminine mystique. This requires enormous self-control.

Here is the beauty of texting: it allows you to hold your mood, hold your thoughts, hold your fire and hold your texts. This is a killer asset of texting. Unlike a conversation in person or on the phone, you do not have to answer right away. You actually have time to think of something witty, clever and punchy. Be a challenge, not a bore!

One secret I teach is the Delightful Delay. Whenever he texts, don’t respond right away, but let him wait for it. The delay creates longing and desire.

Learning how to be seductive is not only knowing what to do, but also what you must refrain from doing. If you simply refrain from The Seven Deadly Sins of Texting, you will create 80% of the attraction! The other 20% is what you actually do. The 80% of what you refrain from doing is what makes you more interesting, intriguing, and most of all, a “creature unlike any other!”

For those of you who have been trained and coached in my Modern Geisha philosophy, this is the art of “Wu Wei,” which is doing less to achieve more; the art of inaction.

To create attraction, you must refrain from these anti-seductive behaviors.

Here are my top 3:

1. Crack Texting: A needy text addict who gets upset, angry or hurt if he doesn’t respond right away. There is nothing more anti-seductive than a needy girl waiting for his text.

2. Firing Multiple Texts: There are 1,000 reasons why a guy may not respond right away. Remember, he has life outside of the phone. Impatient for a response, you start frantically texting, “Hello? Are you still there? Why aren’t you responding?” It smacks of desperation.

3. The Drag: Using eeexxxtraaa looonggg letttersss by pressing down a single key and taking up to six lines just to say three words. First, it’s extremely difficult to read. Second, it’s a waste of his time. You don’t have to have perfect grammar, but you also don’t have to sound ditzy and immature. It’s okay to do this with your mom or girlfriends, but guys find this extremely annoying. Don’t do it.

Simply knowing The Seven Deadly Sins of Texting will put you ahead of the curve faster.

All those who attended the class will receive the audio once it is released. If you missed the class, you can order the MP3 audio copy of “Seductive Texting.”

To order your copy:

1. Click Quick Question

2. Email kim.evazians@gmail.com with “Seductive Texting” in subject line.

In the meantime, maintain your feminine mystique by practicing these simple seductive texting strategies to create attraction!

Hope to see you in my next class on Monday, April 16th for dating secrets and rules for Facebook!

Click this link to RSVP on Facebook: Facebook Dating Secrets for Girls.

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