Sherrie Schneider on CNN: Women told to “Think like a man.”

Don Lemon of CNN and a panel of experts gathered to discuss the implications behind Steve Harvey’s new movie, “Think Like a Man.” The movie is based on Steve’s relationship self-help book for women called, Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man.

Don is asking everyone for their  opinion on what they think about this question: “Should a woman think like a man?”

We are thrilled to see our very own Sherrie Schneider, co-author of  The Rules , appear among the panel to state her position on the matter.

Sherrie says, “They should think like a man, they should not act like a man. They should not ask men out. They should not talk to men first. We’re all about playing hard to get, because men love a challenge.”

Dean Obeidallah cracks me up. He was very direct, unapologetic and brutally honest–but accurate. No agenda or dogma, just his own personal belief statement, which was refreshingly honest and hilarious!

He says, “No, I don’t think any woman should think like me. You do not wanna think the thoughts I think! I’m gonna be honest. It is not gonna help you….”

“Look, I’m gonna be brutally honest. If there’s a woman or man that you like and they if they’re interested in you, you could do almost anything–they’re gonna pursue you….”

“It’s about timing in life and people meshing.”

As a happily married and certified Rules coach, staunch advocate and champion of The Rules, I must say there’s a little bit of truth to everything.

To hear what everybody else is saying on this hot topic , click this link to watch the CNN video Women told to “Think Like a Man” released Sunday, April 15th.


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