Seductive Texting Audio Coming Soon!

Dear Rules Girls and Modern Geisha Fans,

While we are anxiously awaiting the new Rules book coming out Valentine’s Day 2013, I am super excited to announce the release of my “Seductive Texting” class on audio! This is the latest and greatest advice on texting, the most used, but least understood tool of communication today.

I wish I could write a book now, but I simply cannot write one fast enough. If you are stuck in a technology quandary, you can get fast-acting, simple, powerful and effective strategies for texting now. Some of you needed answers yesterday!

Welcome to a new a way of learning secrets for texting. Girls from all around the world can now access this information and conveniently carry it on their iPod, iPhone or any MP3 device.

I am excited about this new way of delivering cutting-edge information with speed. You can instantly download my live seminars—recorded—so you can learn on-the-go!

Contents of the “Seductive Texting” class include:

1. Why Texting is Hot

2. Powerful Strategies for Texting

3. Send Killer Texts That Build Attraction

4. Reasons Why He Won’t Respond

5. How You Can Get Him to Text Back

6. Texting for Engaged & Married Couples

7. Avoid the Dangers of Habitual Texting

8. How to Nail Him for a Date

9. Damage Control after Sending Bitchy Texts

10. What if He Suddenly Stops Texting

11. The Modern Geisha’s 7 Cardinal Sins of Texting

12.  A Sneak Peak to “Facebook Dating Secrets for Girls”

Everyone who attended the class and buys the audio will get the benefit of hearing questions from all three classes, as they are all great questions! Attendees will remain completely anonymous.

However, if any one does not want their voice in the audio, they can always mute their microphone and type their questions during the Q&A session.

Please check my FB status for updates on The Rules Dating Coach for the release date of the audio and upcoming classes.

Look forward to seeing you in my next class Monday, May 7th to talk about “Chili Peppers Are Hot, Women Are Jealous,” a hot topic on jealousy, envy, female rivalry and infidelity!

To order your copy:

1. Click Quick Question

2. Email with “Seductive Texting” in subject line.

Much Gratitude,
Kim Evazians, The Rules Coach aka The Modern Geisha

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