Chili Peppers Are Hot, Women Are Jealous!

In your quest for love, have you always wondered why there is so much conflict, tension and upheaval in your love relationships? Are you a jealous woman? Do you have issues with a partner who is jealous? Are you in conflict with a jealous female rival?

Inspired by an old Vietnamese proverb, “Ớt nào mà ớt chẳng cay, gái nào mà gái chẳng hay ghen chồng,” which translates as “All chili is hot; all women are jealous,” I decided it was high time to present a provocative and intriguing lecture on “Chili Peppers Are Hot, Women Are Jealous!”

Understanding female jealousy, envy, rivalry, competitive mating games and the fear of infidelity is one of the most baffling questions of all time.

I will unravel the deep, dark secrets about the female psyche and what causes jealousy among women. This lecture will reveal interesting, intriguing and insightful facts about the nature of women and how they behave when it comes to mating strategies. Learn about what lengths they are willing to go through in order to find, attract and keep their love partners.

Class Times: U.S. Central Standard Time in Austin, Texas (UTC/GMT -5)
9:30am CST, Malaysia 10:30pm
3:30pm CST, London 9:30pm, Vienna 10:30pm
8:30pm CST Los Angeles 6:30pm, New York 9:30pm

Cost: $25
Duration: 60 minutes
Where: Skype
Please send a request to “kimistryteacher” to be added to the conference call.

To register, please:

2. RSVP on Facebook Events: Chili Peppers Are Hot, Women Are Jealous!

5 mins: Hello & Housekeeping
25 mins: Lecture Presentation
25 mins: Open for Q&A
5 mins: Closing Comments & Thank You

All class participants will receive the audio. If you missed the class and would like to purchase a copy of the audio, please PayPal and email with the class title in the subject line.

Hope to see you there!
Kim Evazians, The Modern Geisha and The Rules Coach

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