Thanks to My Hot Chili Peppers!

Much love and thanks to all the ladies from Asia, Europe and the U.S. for attending my class “Chili Peppers Are Hot, Women Are Jealous!” It was an edgy and controversial topic with a sharp and hysterical twist.

The biggest group was my evening class from the U.S. with lots of interesting questions. The one-hour class extended to almost two hours. We went way over our time, but we were in “the flow.” The burning questions kept pouring like volcanic lava during the Q&A session. It was unstoppable!

Even though I was completely exhausted and worn out, I was having blast and enjoyed every minute of it. The discussion was so intense that for the first time ever, I was glistening and dewy with sweat.

Some girls had no idea what to expect. Some have learned by now to expect the unexpected and keep an open mind when learning Modern Geisha secrets.

We were all cracking up and in stitches by the end. It was tons of fun. This was definitely a hot topic! (No pun intended.)

Ha! Ha!… Welcome to the Modern Geisha’s world…

A world full of intrigue, interesting twists, surprises and most of all, yummy secrets!

Common knowledge, pop psychology and traditional therapy say jealousy is a negative emotion that should be suppressed. It is often seen as a sign of immaturity, insecurity, a character flaw or defect.

But the Modern Geisha philosophy is here to shatter your old paradigms, old beliefs, old training and old conditioning that are just no longer powerful.

I am here to empower women by revealing jealousy as an evolutionary adaptation. It helped our maternal ancestors cope with the threats of sexual treachery and mate poaching in a hostile environment.

If it was not for the successful survival of our jealous ancestors, we would not be alive today.

I will keep everyone posted about the release of the audio for participants and anyone interested in purchasing a copy. Please email me at if you would like to be on the pre-order waiting list.

Once again, much love and thanks to all my Hot Chili Peppers!
Kim Evazians, The Modern Geisha and The Rules Coach

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