The Rules Girls Support Group

Are you a newbie or veteran Rules girl who finds it hard to do The Rules? Do you keep breaking them and regret it later?

Let’s face it, The Rules are simple, yet hard to do. Take a look at Rule #1: “Be a Creature Unlike Any Other.”

What exactly does that mean? How do you become a Rules girl?

Remember, it has nothing to do with money, brains or beauty. You don’t have to be born with this.

Being a “Creature Unlike Any Other” can be learned, developed and mastered. But it takes knowledge, self-discipline and practice.

Successful people achieve what most people on the planet do not simply because they seek knowledge, have discipline and apply themselves through practice.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I believe many women dislike The Rules. They lack the self-discipline to do simple, but powerful rules that work.

For example, here some of the top rules women break:
Rule #2: Don’t Talk to a Man First
Rule #3: Don’t Stare at Men or Talk Too Much
Rule #5: Don’t Call a Man and Rarely Return His Calls
Rule #15: Don’t Rush into Sex and Other Rules for Intimacy
Rule #22: Don’t Live with a Man (or Leave Your Things in His Apartment)

If you are guilty of breaking these rules, you are not alone. Old habits die hard. Even if you have read The Rules for years, it’s still hard to do.

Why? Sometimes you forget, sometimes you falter and sometimes it’s just plain hard to do!

Do you want to know the secret to doing The Rules?

Do you want to know how to capture the heart of Mr. Right?

Do you want to know the one simple secret to why some Rules girls succeed and not others?

Do you want to know what married Rules girls have in common that no one else has?

Are you ready?

The secret to being a “Creature Unlike Any Other” is…

Simply this…

The Rules is like a strict diet. That’s why I became a Rules dating coach to help other women be successful with The Rules. As I like to say, “Stick with the plan to get your man.”

How does a Rules girl get results? First of all, you need a strategy–a plan of action. Without a strategy, you are like a treasure hunter without a map.

Second, you need to strengthen your Rules muscles with daily, consistent practice. Do The Rules on guys you are not interested in, friends and family. Practice them as often as possible. Rule #25 Practice, Practice, Practice… (Getting Good at the Rules).

Third, it’s important to do The Rules even when things are slow and  when you don’t feel like it, because it gives you great batting practice. So when you actually meet Mr. Right, no sweat! Go to parties, mixers and social networking events to give yourself a Rules workout. They are just more opportunities to strengthen your Rules muscles!

Fourth, in the same way world-class athletes get trained by professional coaches, Rules girls can get world-class coaching from me. A coach is someone who can accelerate your path and help you do things you never thought you could do on your own. Having a Rules coach is your shortcut to success if your goal is to “Get to the altar faster.”

And lastly, to supplement private coaching, I have a Rules support group on Facebook called “Secrets of the Modern Geisha” to help you get maximum results. I provide lively, insightful and provocative discussions to challenge you, help you grow emotionally and share my deep wisdom to enrich your overall coaching experience. This is a sacred space where Rules girls can share their voice and enjoy the camaraderie between myself and other like-minded Rules girls.

I have a saying, “You become like those you like.”

To join this powerful group of highly accomplished Rules colleagues from around the world, please send me a “Request to Join.” There is no fee to become a member. It’s free. Discussions, questions and posts are always welcome. However, questions that require more detailed, in-depth narratives and powerful coaching may be redirected for a private consultation.

This is a fun group full of beautiful, positive and inspiring women. These girls are a barrel of laughs. We are closely bonded, so just be aware of inside jokes, secret girl codes and a trail of secret hints that make this group so special, dynamic and unlike any other!

Hope to see you on Facebook!
Kim Evazians, The Modern Geisha Rules Coach

2 thoughts on “The Rules Girls Support Group

  1. Dear KIm, the Facebook group “Secrets of the Modern Geisha” is really FANTASTIC … one gets to learn a lot of interesting opinions and experiences … some of them are really funny! The girls are full of energy and many of them very wise, But on top of everything there is your precious advice !! Thanks a lot

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