Hold Your Mood to Hold Your Man

Is your mood killing your relationship with your man?

Is he pulling back and distancing himself from you?

Are you hot-tempered and flare easily?

Are you prone to drama, fights and lover’s quarrels for no apparent reason?

Do you find yourself being snappy and lashing out in anger, irritation or impatience at even the slightest and silliest things?

Do you still have old unhealed and unresolved wounds from past love relationships?

Did he say something that triggered an old childhood scar you never got over?

Or is it because of your period?

Whatever it is, it needs to STOP.

Or else he is going leave you. It may be the reason why he does not want to marry you or stay married to you. In his mind, he might be saying, “NEXT!” And head over to the next party with the hottest, cutest, single, young and available girls.

Why not? Who wants to deal with someone who has nothing but gripes, complaints and a nagging list of chores over a mile long? Who wants to deal with a moody, high maintenance drama queen or  an emotional yo-yo?

You must learn to “Hold Your Mood” if you want to have STAYING POWER and KEEP your man. Just because you are married or in a committed relationship does not mean you are safe. People can and do fall out of love. People get sick and tired and fed up.

Remember, there is always an EXIT!

MOODINESS is the #1 complaint men have about women. Next to infidelity, moodiness is one of the top reasons men will ask for a divorce or walk away, because they do not want to stay with a crazy psycho chick.

Men will pull away and retreat back into their cave to distance themselves from women. They will not call, not answer the phone or reply to emails and texts. Men will delay dates and postpone long-term commitments and take longer for marriage proposals to counter a woman’s bad mood.

So you need to get your mood swings under control or your love life will suffer.

Remember, there is no scarcity of human beings on this planet, which means more competition for attracting and keeping mates. The stakes are higher than ever, because there are plenty of attractive women who know how to hold their mood. They keep calm and carry on… Like a lady.

Learn words you should NEVER say even when you’re mad.

The Modern Geisha’s secrets and signature mantra can help you hold your mood and hold your man:
“The Modern Geisha is always moving in a good mood… She is always calm, beautiful, happy, serene, grateful and unperturbed.”

These secrets are so practical and universal, they can help you tremendously when dealing with friends, sisters, mothers, children, even your co-workers and bosses.

Join my class Hold Your Mood to Hold Your Manon Monday, May 21st. More to come… Stay tuned!

Class Times: U.S. Central Standard Time Austin, Texas (UTC-5)
9:30am CST, Malaysia 10:30pm
3:30pm CST, London 9:30pm, Vienna 10:30pm
8:30pm CST Los Angeles 6:30pm, New York 9:30pm

Cost: $25
Duration: 60 minutes
Where: Skype
My Skype ID is “kimistryteacher.”

To register, please:
1. Quick Question

2. Click here to RSVP on Facebook Events

3. Please indicate which time you wish you attend.

5 mins: Hello & Housekeeping
25 mins: Lecture Presentation
25 mins: Open for Q&A
5 mins: Closing Comments & Thank You

All attendees will receive a copy of the audio. If you miss the class, you can order the MP3 audio. Looking forward to an invigorating and empowering session!

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