Tribute to My Master Ninja Coach

This morning as I visited my “Secrets of the Modern Geisha” Rules support group and for some strange reason, I felt compelled to write a tribute to my former mentor and coach from my previous profession. It was Charles who taught me fundamental strategies and tactics, how to “hold your mood” and accumulate knowledge and power.

Within minutes after posting this inspirational message to my group, I saw a Facebook reminder that it was his birthday. So I wrote “Happy Birthday” and a word of thanks on his wall. What mysterious coincidence! I didn’t even know it was his birthday. We haven’t spoken in a long while, but the Universe reminded me of who my teacher was. I am speechless at this subtle and poignant reminder. The timing was impeccable just as I am preparing to teach a Modern Geisha Mastery class next Monday called, “Hold Your Mood to Hold Your Man.”

I was trained under Charles’ rigorous and relentless coaching, consisting weekly mandatory meetings for a whole year. These were interactive, in-person, face-to-face coaching and tactical trainings. There was reading list of over books as part of accumulating knowledge and power, on top of fundamental tactics and strategies. Our “ninja training” consisted of homework assignments, book reviews, weekly handwritten (not typed or emailed) pro-activity questionnaires, and other action items.

We learned that knowledge is power and power is the superior capacity to act in a competitive situation. Knowledge and power are costly. They require commitments and obligations, meaning time, money, energy and resources.

I wrote that post so that my clients would  understand I did not learn hold my mood from nowhere and I did not accumulate knowledge by reading blogs, watching YouTube and chatting on Facebook groups. My knowledge came at a cost. It came from a master ninja coach with highly valued accomplishments, who demonstrated the superior capacity to “hold your mood.”

I will always be grateful to Charles for teaching me some of most powerful training available. He introduced me to profoundly uncommon knowledge and strategies to live a good life.

“Holding your mood” is one of most powerful strategies in my collection of secrets part from The Rules.

Charles was the one who taught me the art of pure seduction and rapport (what geishas were famous for) in the most unconventional way. I call it ninja training.

I joke with my clients and sometimes call them my Ninja Peach Blossoms!

Join my class Hold Your Mood to Hold Your Manon Monday, May 21st.

Class Times: U.S. Central Standard Time Austin, Texas (UTC-5)
9:30am CST, Malaysia 10:30pm
3:30pm CST, London 9:30pm, Vienna 10:30pm
8:30pm CST Los Angeles 6:30pm, New York 9:30pm

Cost: $25
Duration: 60 minutes
Where: Skype
My Skype ID is “kimistryteacher.”

To register, please:
1. Quick Question

2. Click here to RSVP on Facebook Events

3. Please indicate which time you wish you attend.

5 mins: Hello & Housekeeping
25 mins: Lecture Presentation
25 mins: Open for Q&A
5 mins: Closing Comments & Thank You

All attendees will receive a copy of the audio. If you miss the class, you can order the MP3 audio. Looking forward to an invigorating and empowering session!

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