Modern Geisha Orientation Meetings

Lately, I have been getting lots of inquiries about the difference between a Rules consultation and Modern Geisha lesson, and how to go about getting one.

Women are intrigued by what they hear through “geisha gossip” about my notorious secrets taught under the cloak of Modern Geisha lessons.

“Geisha Gossip”

The most famous of them all is “How to Make Time Stand Still: The Powerful Art of Charming Conversation with Men.” This is my most advanced lesson and probably the most powerful tool a woman could ever possess in conversation. It has yielded astonishing success for clients applied these techniques to their dating and love life.

Interestingly enough, 95% of my consults are questions starting with “What would a Modern Geisha do?” or “How can I be a Modern Geisha when…?”

Due to the rising demand for Modern Geisha lessons and increasing new member activity in my Rules support group (under the name of “Secrets of the Modern Geisha“), I will have Modern Geisha Orientation Meetings. This is simply an introduction to Modern Geisha practices and protocol where I will cater to the questions of new prospects and existing clients.

To be a coach unlike any other, I am constantly striving to improve and sharpen my skills to keep my knife-like, superior and cutting edge. In practicing what I preach, I stay flexible, fluid, agile, highly adaptive and competitive like a ninja warrior.

Unlike most Rules coaches, I refrain from giving email consultations. Whereas, some Rules coaches give email consultations only. I also refrain from giving advice over text or Facebook in order to maintain the quality and integrity of my coaching.

I am willing to lose a few clients who want email consultations. Giving consultations by phone or Skype is much more powerful and effective than by any other means. It is direct and has a deeper level of rapport and care.

I don’t do anything other than being a Rules dating coach because I am 200% committed  to my clients. This is my life work and calling.  I cannot afford to be part-time, common and mediocre.

As a professional dating coach, it is difficult to imagine teaching someone the art of rapport and building a relationship with them strictly through the printed word.

My hope is to give my clients an all-around sensational experience through reading blogs, interactive discussions with other Rules girls, and audio-visual consults, which make a rich experience for learning.

Modern Geisha Orientation Meetings will be held once a month on Skype. Dates and times will be announced.

I am excited and look forward to seeing many of you join these lively meetings. Come ready to begin your secret ninja training with your pink light saber!

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