Secrets Are Secret!

(This memo was sent to all members of Secrets of the Modern Geisha™. I am sharing this here for anyone interested in joining our Rules support group.)

This group was created to help you do The Rules. It’s much easier to follow The Rules when you have a strong network of help. You know you’re not alone and you always have a space to share trials and triumphs with other Rules-minded girls.

You will experience a tremendous amount of relief, comfort and hope when you share your personal experiences with others who are going through the same situation. It’s so inspiring to see everyone’s personal growth, hear about the success stories and witness their journey of personal transformation in just a few short months.

Please keep in mind, even though this is a “Closed” group restricted to “Members Only,” anything you post is public to all members of the group. It is the equivalent of a group email blast. Anything you post is presumably intended for group sharing.  Questions seeking advice are seen as open discussions and will not be treated as private consultations.

When it comes to friends, I would prefer that people refrain from inviting their close friends. This is for your own privacy and protection. I want you all to feel like this is your own special place to share and take part in Rules discussions with other like-minded Rules girls.

I know how much you all want to help your friends and tell them about The Rules and the Modern Geisha philosophy. However, not everyone is ready for it, no matter how badly you think they need it. The best thing for you to do is just keep doing The Rules. And if your friends ask what you’re doing, you can tell them.

It is preferred if people join on their own. It tells me they truly want to be here and it was their own choice. People do not need to be convinced to appreciate something valuable that’s like a hidden treasure.

This group is for women who are passionate about The Rules and want to support other Rules girls. If you ask for advice, give some advice. Don’t just take and ignore others. It’s a circular loop of give and take that goes both ways. This is how you build trust and identity with others in a network of help. If you help them, they will help you back.

Be supportive, not needy—rather than being someone who just drains everyone’s time and energy without consideration for others. Give support and be supported. Be inspiring, uplifting, positive and empathetic.

Most importantly, learn to keep your secrets secret! When you can keep a secret, it means you have learned to value yourself.

I reserve my best-kept secrets and premium advice for private consultations. I do not share them in my blogs and Facebook groups, but only hidden traces of their existence in cryptic-like language.

Even though my clients my blogs and posts are the bomb, they know it is only 5% of my true essence at the most. They also know it’s nothing compared to a private consult where my notorious secrets are revealed.

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