The 7 Minute Life

Time to hit the “Reset” button! Over the weekend, I reprinted myself a copy of:
1. “The 7 Minute Life Fast Start Guide: 31 Days to a Brand New You”
2. “The 7 Minute Life e-Workbook”
3. “The 7 Minute Life 90 Day Focus Kit”

My plan is to do the “Fast Start Guide” from August 1-31 for 15 minutes per day to mentally prepare myself for the last quarter, then implement the “90 Day Focus Kit” from September through November full speed, full throttle.

December is when I will take a holiday break.

These are all very simple, yet powerful tools that have worked for me in the past and I’m doing it again to push myself into completing this last quarter with a bang!

Last Friday, July 27th, I posted this message inside my secret support group of special clients and wanted to share it on my blog as well:

Hello Peach Blossoms!
As July is coming to an end and we’re about to start a new month, I noticed August has 31 days and now would be the perfect timing to get started on an e-workbook called “The 7 Minute Life Fast Start Guide: 31 Days to a Brand New You.”

Some of you are ready for a change and transform into something new. Some of you want to improve yourself and be a “Creature Unlike Any Other” Peach Blossom. Some of you are ready for a breakthrough or that magical SHIFT.

Here is a very powerful tool to help guide you to success by putting thoughts into ACTION. It’s about making “small steps to big changes.”

I am a lover of simple tools for powerful and dramatic changes. This is productivity system and toolkit I paid for to help me become more efficient and productive, but I am more than happy to share it with my clients free, because I want you to be successful.

The Double Peach Blossom

NOTE: This offer is for existing clients only as one of the perks of being a valued client.

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