On Hiatus!

Just a note…

Dear Rules Girls and Modern Geisha Fans,

I will be on a 30-day hiatus from coaching and any online activity for period of uninterrupted quiet restfulness.

My phone, voice mail and texts will be temporarily disabled and I will have very limited email access.

Also, I will not be accepting any requests for consultations during this time.

If you need Rules support and would like to join my secret network of Rules girls world-wide, you may  click this link to “Request to Join”:

Secrets of the Modern Geisha FB Group.

I hope to come back fully rested, renewed, rejuvenated and recharged for a fantastic Fall filled with more Rules classes and Modern Geisha secrets to share!

To receive updates and announcements for upcoming classes, please LIKE my Facebook page at: The Rules Coach

I will return to active duty and respond to your requests September 12.

Hope you have a great summer!

Kim Evazians
“The Double Peach Blossom”
Modern Geisha Rules Coach

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