Birthday Poem to the Modern Geisha

Here is a lovely and endearing poem written for my birthday by one of my beloved clients, who is quite crafty, creative and clever with words.

I call her the “Muse of Painting and Poetry,” because geishas were highly trained and accomplished artists and muses after all.

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

I hope to see more of her painting and poetry displayed to bless, heal, inspire and a-muse everyone!

Touched and tickled by her brilliant poem, I had to share it with all.

It displays her linguistic prowess as an astute learner of The Rules and Modern Geisha philosophy.

My teachings are so esoteric and coded, sometimes I wonder if I need to start writing up an official Modern Geisha glossary of terms.

Very happy, grateful, blessed and proud to have such talented and creative clients!

What do you get when you cross the Modern Geisha with “THE RULES”?

Our peach who can teach us
in lessons and sessions
“The Rules” and the tools for
secret arts of the heart.

We “call Kim” about HIM
or when vexed, via text.
You will coach the approach
that disarms and then charms.

We request your advice
on wu weis to be nice
from gracious big sister
to help with “Right, Mr.”

If Alpha or Beta,
it’s sooner, not later
we learn to inspire
our dream man’s desire.

The world of the willow
brings wisdom for pillows.
No heiffer, no chili….
To act so is silly.

The scents of peach flowers
possess gentle powers
to make still the hours
for bliss in cool bowers.

You teach us to treasure
the things that bring pleasure
and face time with new grace;
serene smile on each face.

You say “Please hold your mood.”
We found that it was good.
A happy attitude
is full of gratitude.

On this day of your birth
we rejoice you’re on Earth.
We offer affection
and thanks for connection.


With love,
Paula Hamilton

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