Hello Kitty Heaven!

The mailman came to my door on Monday, August 6 and left a box full of birthday surprises from a thoughtful, sweet and wonderful client a few days after my birthday (August 1).

It was filled with yummy Japanese gummy, Hello Kitty geisha goodies treats and trinkets. Hello Kitty herself died and went to “Hello Kitty Heaven!”

I especially love the Geisha Girl themed travel cases. Wow, now I can really travel in Modern Geisha style!

Call me a geeky geisha, but I am using the chunky Geisha Girl case for storing my electronic devices: Canon Powershot camera, Canon charger, iTouch, Android back-up battery, Sony Bloggie Touch video camera, SD 8 GB memory card and earphones.

My mini HP laptop fits into the Geisha Girl laptop case perfectly. It is just the right size. I totally love the neat, functional, stylish and girly geisha gifts!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, gifts and poems, everyone! This really makes my work so rewarding and worthwhile that I felt very compelled to write a public thank you.

So happy, grateful and blessed by such wonderful, thoughtful and loving clients!

Much Love & Gratitude,
Kim Evazians
“The Double Peach Blossom”
Modern Geisha Rules Coach

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