Down the Rabbit Hole

It’s frustrating for women to find love these days with new problems arising from online dating, texting, Facebook and guys who could benefit from a few basic rules for dating.

When navigating your way through the topsy-turvey world of dating, do you ever feel like “Alice in Wonderland” lost in a strange world of improbable characters like the Mad Hatter, the White RabbitTweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee?

Like Alice in Wonderland, it can be dizzying and disorienting doing The Rules when things have drastically changed since it was published in 1995.

Do you constantly struggle with The Rules?

Does it ever backfire, feel awkward, unnatural or outdated?

If you have questions about The Rules and how to apply them in the modern world where the rules of dating are constantly changing, then follow me down the Rabbit Hole!

I will unravel “Secrets About The Rules and What Nobody Tells You.”

This upcoming new series of classes will decode and demystify The Rules that were originally intended to help the modern woman date with dignity, self-respect and healthy boundaries for a happy, long-term, committed relationship that will lead to marriage.

My goal is to give you killer classes to help you understand The Rules at a much deeper level than ever. I will also teach you other rules and principles you must learn to attract the love of your life and eliminate wacky nonsense!

This event is a live tele-seminar on Skype. In order to attend, you must register for class with a Skype ID and PayPal to be added to the group conference call.

Classes will be recorded for educational purposes and be distributed for sale on my blogsite. All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the audio valued at $25. (For a limited time only!)

If you are unable to attend, you may purchase a copy of the audio for $25. All those who prepaid will receive the audio in your inbox when it is released. Please provide a proper email address.

To register, please click this form link:

To RSVP on FB Events, please click this link:

To get updates and follow me on FB, please LIKE my new FB Fan Page at:

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