Wufoo Me!

To all my Rules and MG Clients,

As I am gearing up for new projects that will divert my time, energy and attention to creating new content and killer Rules-Modern Geisha classes, I am also revising my pricing and protocol for private coaching.

I truly appreciate and love reading your email updates, success stories, testimonials and thank you letters, but hope you understand if I cannot reply to all of them. If I am slow with emails, please understand it’s only because I am busy with a full-time growing practice.

I wear many hats as a Rules dating and Modern Geisha lifestyle coach. Due to time constraints and obligations, I am unable to give personal attention outside of private coaching and will no longer be able to provide complimentary audios. (Regular price $25. Currently offered at $10 for a limited time.)

During a session, my clients get my complete, uninterrupted and undivided attention. If there is something in writing you would like to discuss in a consult e.g. homework or a letter, please bring it to the consult and I will be happy to read it during our scheduled time together.

Because I get so much spam and more emails than I can handle, I am removing my email from public view and streamlining all requests for consults to go through my Wufoo  form links for simplicity and elegance.

When emailing, the rule for email etiquette is: be short and succinct.

To the point is polite.

Brevity is best.

At this time, I ask that all new and returning clients fill out the New Client (long) form just once, then use the Returning Client (short) form afterwards.

Hope you like my new forms! Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Please Wufoo me!

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