Wu Wei is on the Way!

For those who have been patiently waiting for the release of my audio “Wu Wei in the Workplace,” please hold your mood.

“Wu Wei” is on the way!

This class is very special to me and is actually my favorite of all the Modern Geisha Mastery classes. It combines elements of “Chili Peppers” and “Hold Your Mood” we previously learned about in love relationships and applies them to the work place.

We start off on a humorous note by introducing some Modern Geisha vocabulary, such as the definition of a heifer, because we all know of at least one and probably work with one!

Most of your petty squabbles at work are with another woman, right?

Regardless of her station, almost every woman wants to be the Queen Bee of the hive.

In “Wu Wei,” I unveil secret teachings from the Chinese world, such as the concept of nondestructive ruthlessness, to give the modern woman a powerful and cutting-edge for how to be a Modern Geisha at work.

Unlike all the other audios previously released, this has two classes separated by topics, so you can easily skip to the portion you want to re-listen to. It also means you will have multiple segments to download.

Also, I am setting up a new system for instant pay and download. This way, you have instant access instead of waiting for an invitation to DropBox.

No more DropBox, no more waiting, no more worrying about people deleting audios.

Those who attended class or have already prepaid will get a special download link from me as soon as everything is set up.

You will find that “Wu Wei” is very powerful and well worth the wait!

Thank you all for your patience and holding your mood!

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