Rules MCE Training

When I returned from vacation, I asked Ellen and Sherrie if they were going to offer Rules MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education) training for certified Rules coaches to get updated with the upcoming new book, “Not Your Mother’s Rules: The New Secrets for Dating.”

This long-awaited sequel to The Rules will address new problems women are frustrated and fraught with today navigating through online dating, texting, chatting, Facebook, Twitter, and booty calls.

But until the book is released on January 8, 2013, Ellen and Sherrie’s position on these matters is still unknown. They told me they are unable to share much detail about the book and are required by their publisher to keep everything under wraps.

In the meantime, what are other Rules coaches and Rules girls doing? Are they current and updated? Or practicing protocol that may be outdated and obsolete?

It’s September and lots of things can happen between now until January. My biggest concern is that many opportunities could be lost over the next five months for single women out there looking for Mr. Right.

Dating is very competitive and I would hate to see women suffer from the cost of lost opportunities because they didn’t know what they didn’t know.

My husband and I met over a weekend boating. We became a committed couple only the Monday after! Now this is probably rare and I guess I am blessed with Peach Blossom luck, but why risk losing the opportunity when it presents itself?

Most licensed professions of care and help such as doctors, attorneys and psychologists have MCE training every few years to stay current in their knowledge and skills, and to remain competent and competitive in their field.

Are you current on your Rules for dating in the Information Age?

Stay tuned for upcoming classes!

4 thoughts on “Rules MCE Training

  1. Gosh, I sure do hope they update Rules coaches on this stuff! I definitely agree that the advent of technology and social media has muddied the waters of dating. I also believe that when the right guy finds you (provided you have made yourself available) a team of wild horses couldn’t pull him away. My problem is that once he finds me, I just need to NOT screw it up! Bring on the new book! Can’t wait!

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