Wei Things Out

Wu Wei” audio is finally released! Thank you for your patience. I hope you will find it worth wei-ting for!

Unlike all previous Modern Geisha Mastery audios, it was meticulously edited and segmented into theme topics for easy listening. This may also help you quickly find the section you need to transform into the Queen of Hold Your Mood.

When in conflict with the Queen Bee at work, apply Wu Wei to save the day. Pause and reflect before acting upon your anger.

If you are hot-tempered, wait until your anger cools before making any decisions that could turn a petty squabble into a nuclear disaster.

Being the Queen of Hold Your Mood means you will take time to think and “wei things out.”

Yesterday, I was listening to an audio book on brain science, which talks about how your brain works and explores issues such as:
1. How to manage distractions
2. How to maximize your chance of finding insights that can solve seemingly insurmountable problems
3. How to keep your cool in any situation so that you can make the best decisions possible
4. How to collaborate more effectively with others
5. Why providing feedback is so difficult
6. How to be more effective at changing other’s people’s behavior.

Interestingly enough, I came upon a chapter talking about the idea of mindfulness, which is an ancient Buddhist concept used by many scientists today to define the experience of paying close attention in an open and accepting way.

It’s the idea of being in the present, of being aware of experience as it occurs in real time and accepting what you see.

Mindfulness is simply the opposite of mindlessness.

Dr. Daniel Siegel, a recognized authority in the field of Mindful Awareness Research says, “It’s our ability to pause before we react. It gives us the space of mind in which we can consider various options and then choose the most appropriate ones.”

His definition perfectly and completely describes holding your mood.

While I was a-wei on vacation, it was funny to see how many MG trainees all over the world confessing that they secretly whisper “Hold your mood… Hold your mood…” to themselves in the midst of stress, conflict or crisis.

That is priceless!

[Note from the Rules Coach: Audios of “Wu Wei in the Workplace” have been delivered to your inbox if you attended the class or prepaid. If I missed anyone, please send me a message from my Contact page. All MGM audios are now available for instant pay and download on Payloadz. Please visit my Audio page. Would love to your feedback on the new format of “Wu Wei” audios. Please post your comments here. Thanks!]

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