MG Ninja Training

Thank you all who registered for The Rabbit Hole: Secrets About the Rules and submitted your top three burning questions!

I am currently in the works for preparing a rich, intensive, full-hour lecture on The Rabbit Hole series to give you powerful, cutting-edge and uncommon strategies on The Rules for dating and relationships.

In order for me to review and prepare for your questions ahead of time, please register and submit your questions by Wednesday, October 17th.

To register, please click this form link:

To RSVP on FB Events, please click this link:

Please understand since this is a lecture-style class, therefore I may not have time to answer everyone’s top three questions, but will at least try to go through everyone’s first question as time permits.

In addition to The Rabbit Hole series, I will also start teaching MG Ninja Tactical classes very soon.

Tactical classes are Q&A-style format to answer any specific questions you might have during the week, your day-to-day dating dilemmas or anything you thought of after The Rabbit Hole that you might want to explore deeper.

It’s great for any question that might pop up during the week, a good discussion topic or something you have always wanted to ask me and may be general enough to where you feel comfortable sharing in a group class.

If it is a strictly personal and private matter, then please book a private consultation with me, as these sessions will be recorded and distributed for educational purposes.

MG Ninja Tactical sessions will be offered every other week with multiple sessions throughout the day. Tentative time offerings are Wednesdays at 10:00am, 3:00pm and 8:00pm U.S. CST. (Time converter:

The cost is $25 to attend. You will receive a copy of the audio (valued at $25), which will be released for the distribution of sale to anyone who could not attend and wants to purchase the audio.

A minimum of four people is required to make a class. If these currently offered times do not work and you can coordinate at least 4 people to attend a group session, please let me know and I will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Hope you all will join me in class and follow me down The Rabbit Hole!

To get updates, please LIKE my new FB Fan Page at:

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