Rave Reviews for Rabbit Hole

Thanks to everyone who attended the first lecture of “The Rabbit Hole: Secrets About the Rules” last Monday, October 22 and for making it a great success! It was sold out before the sign-up deadline with many on the pre-order list. If you missed it, don’t worry, the audio is available and there are more “Rabbit Hole” lectures to come!

When I see so many girls ask questions on Facebook every day about The Rules and it’s not coming from a place of knowledge and power, it’s a real problem I need to address. That’s what “The Rabbit Hole” is all about. I am here to offer you TRUTH and POWER.

It’s exciting to see so many dedicated Rulesy Rabbit Holers from around the world and across many time zones organize their time, energy and resources to participate in this live event and for sending in their burning questions ahead of time. These questions are an invaluable component to the lecture because they are currently what many Rules girls struggle with today. They need more than just the book for answers and clarification.

A very special thanks to Ellen Fein for helping me behind-the-scenes. Ellen was sick with a cold, was wiped out after 2 days and yet, she still went out of her way to talk with me before the event. I am forever grateful for her help. By the end of our phone call and finally hearing the history of our courtship, Ellen concluded that our marriage was in fact,

“Textbook Rules! Yours is the classic Rules story…

Don’t forget we WANT the girls to have what YOU have, a loving devoted husband who would drive 3 hours each way for a date, with dozens of roses in different colors, signifying different ideas.

Every one of your clients should not settle for LESS than you have.”

What Rabbit Holers are saying…

#1 Massachusetts:
“In just a few hours, the Rabbit Hole lesson cleared up burning questions that women prattle about for months and years.  The rules mean it when they say ‘Love should be easy.’

Why read endless books in the relationship section or spend time on a dating blog when Kim can give you quick answers? This lesson is your on-the-spot guide to save you from wondering if he’s into you or not. It’s not as hard or complicated as women make it out to be.”

#2 Kansas:
“I very much enjoyed last night’s first “Rabbit Hole” session. Kim is taking “The Rules” one by one and revealing accurate interpretations of them, which is brilliant and very helpful. Her definitions are powerful and enlightening, and her personal experiences are nothing short of inspiring.

“I’ll have what she’s having!” I am grateful for Kim’s patience and the generosity with which she made “time stand still,” extending the session far beyond what was originally planned to ensure that everyone’s individual questions were answered thoroughly.

Her no nonsense advice is delivered gently, in caring, considerate and encouraging ways. I look forward to participating in future “Rabbit Hole” lessons. My sincere thanks to Kim and to all who submitted the excellent questions she addressed.”

#3 Ireland:
“The Rabbit Hole” was an excellent experience! Kim Evazians delivered a very thorough and well-planned out class, which I found extremely interesting. Kim is like an overflowing cup of information; her class ran well over the allocated time. A deeply committed DPB who is so very generous of her time!

Kim is ironing out all the finer details and questions arising from The Rules. I feel enlightened, and very much within my power – this has instilled a much more solid understanding of TR + MG philosophy helping me to remain really grounded.

I used to think one had to meet a ‘one-off-special-guy’ to find that relationship where we are taken care off – wined and dined, showered with romantic gifts and find true love… But ‘The Rabbit Hole’ has really helped awaken my understanding of The Rules.

Thank you Kim, for putting your whole heart and soul into delivering such an excellent and wonderful class revealing accurate interpretations of the each Rule… Kim doesn’t do things by ‘half.’

I look forward to learning more from Kim’s forth-coming classes.”

#4 Brazil:
“I loved your session, the Q&A about the Rules cleared my doubts me a lot, thank you so much! I appreciate the way you taught us you are so sincere and honest. Can’t wait to receive the audio!”

Thanks again for you participation! I hope you all enjoyed the seminar and found it thoroughly enlightening and empowering. The session ended up being 2 hours and 40 minutes!

The Rabbit Hole: Secrets About the Rules” is now ready for release! What normally takes two to three months of editing was cut down to one week. Thanks to my awesome and dedicated team who worked fast and furiously with me night and day.

To purchase and instantly download your copy, please click this link:
Rabbit Hole Lecture 01 – http://store.payloadz.com/details/1351020-Audio-Books-Relationships-TheRabbitHole1SecretsAbouttheRules.html

All those who attended or prepaid will automatically receive the link to the audio in their inbox soon!

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