Does Location Affect Your Dating Life?

Dear Kim,
Do you think location can make a difference in your dating life? If I get a certain job offer, I’m hoping to move to an apartment just 20 minutes outside of downtown Boston. The areas I’ve lived in over the past few years are dominated by families and men much older than me. If I’m inviting dates to come to my town, there’s barely anything to do. I just feel that the city of Boston would have more to offer in the dating world! What do you think?


Dear R.G.,
The answer is location, location, location!

You should definitely consider getting out of your comfort zone because you might  severely limiting yourself to an infinite number of opportunities for love and romance that lies in the bigger cities where there are more job opportunities for up and coming young professionals.

Location and demographic is key. Go fish where the fish are. If you live in a small fish bowl are choices are limited, go jump into a bigger one.


Here is an interesting article just published today on this topic:

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