White Christmas in Texas

We had a white Christmas in Fort Worth, Texas where my family lives and where snow is rare.

Hello Kitty is watching the beautiful snow fall and keeping us company.


How often do you see snow on rose blooms? Only in Texas, I guess?
I didn’t know roses still bloom in December.



Cute gift tags and cards from Mr. Evazians.


I should be the one with an eye for aesthetics and detail, but he tops me in this category. Brownie points for the husband!

I got two cute Juicy Couture coats even though we live in mostly warm weather all year round because Mr. Evazians could not decide which one to get. It’s a luxury to receive things we don’t need. I am a lucky girl to have found such a sweet and thoughtful husband.

Ladies, there are plenty of good guys out there and I am here to help you attract them. But it may take a shift in your attitude towards men.

My husband is a great gift giver. His gifts are always thoughtful, sweet and romantic. As I recently taught in one of my recent Rabbit Hole classes called “Rules for Gifts,” a gift is a universal and tangible expression of love that simply says, “I am thinking of you. I want you to have this. I love you.”

If you missed the class, the audio is currently in production to be released soon. Please stay tuned for updates.


May the rest of your year be filled with love, laughter and wonderful surprises!

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