Time to Tango!

Last Thursday, I decided to start my New Year’s Resolution early by resolving to tango now rather than later. Inspired by an intriguing and diligent tango blogger named “Terpsichoral Tango Addict” on Facebook, I finally decided it was time to dust of my tango shoes. I have about 11 pairs of exquisite tango shoes that sit sadly untouched.

Comme Il Faut shoes are like lingerie for the feet. They are fit so well and conform to the curves of your arch. I love the delicate and dainty stiletto heels. In tango, it’s all about the shoes.

Spoiled by what is considered the “Manolo Blahniks” of tango shoes, I don’t wear any other brand of tango shoes other than Comme Il Faut.

Tangueras (lady tango dancers) will take every opportunity to show off their sexy and fabulous footwear at milongas (tango social).


Comme Il Faut shoes are like lingerie for the feet.
Comme Il Faut are like lingerie for the feet.

I went to EsquinaTango last Thursday in preparation for Friday night’s El Beso Milonga. I didn’t want to start cold, so this was a warm-up milonga for me. When I showed up, Patrick teased me, “So… You decided to get your tango in before the year is over! You made it!”

Before I became a Rules Dating Coach, my life was full of parties and dancing every week. But I seldom go out dancing anymore that tangeros consider me a “rare sighting” who they see as often as a U.F.O.

During the welcome and announcements, Monica introduced visiting guests of friends, then told everyone, “Oh look everybody… Kim is visiting!” As if I was a visitor from out of town, just to point out how infrequent my visits were. Most of the regulars understood the light, irreverent jab. My husband added to the jab, “I think out of town visitors tango in Austin milongas more often than you do!”

You might be wondering, “What is the purpose of this blog?” and what is the connection Secrets of the Modern Geisha philosophy? Things are not always obvious at first glance, but that is the mystery and allure.

When you simply allow someone to connect the dots, it becomes an interesting and intriguing dance. If you pay attention closely, you will discover hidden connections everywhere.

Rule #22 says, “Be honest, but mysterious,” so as a Rules coach, I must capitalize on this one. I personally enjoy the journey of unraveling the mystery itself more than the actual destination.

There is no hurry. Take your time. Savor the journey, which makes the destination much sweeter and more satisfying once you arrive.

After two nights in a row of tango, my feet were aching from so much articulation of the ankles. When dancing, I like to express myself with adornos (a creative movement that adorns or embellishes the dance). It activated muscles I had not been using for a long time.

“Agony and beauty for us live side by side. Your feet will suffer. Your fingers will bleed. Even sitting and sleeping will be painful.” from Memoirs of a Geisha.

This is about going back to the basics… Back to my “gei” (art), that which invigorates me and allow me to articulate the art sensuality through dance.

Do you ever wonder why some women seem to live a charmed life? Doors open for them. Men ask them to dance first. They are attractive, fashionable, charismatic and lively. They seem to attract men effortlessly by simply being there.

Through glimpses of tango as a culture with rules of its own, join me in exploring different types of human capital: 1) economic 2) cultural and 3) social. There is a fourth called “erotic capital” that has overwhelming importance for the empowerment of women, yet ironically remains overlooked by many experts.

Please stay tuned for more on this topic…

Do you have your New Year’s Resolution for 2013 yet?


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