The Rules and Zen of Dating

The Rules and Zen of Dating
The Rules and Zen of Dating

Hello Rules Girls and Modern Geisha Fans!

Do you have your copy of the new Rules book yet?

I just got my copy of “Not Your Mother’s Rules” last week when it hit the shelf. So far, I think the new Rules are a modern and concise guide to dating in the digital age and very Zen.

Overall, it is consistent with the Modern Geisha way: doing less to achieve more.

Want a guy to want you more? Give him less.

Texting, technology and social media makes it easier for men to access you and your personal information, but keep in mind these tools were made for your convenience. Remember to be the master, not the slave.

Use them at your discretion and practice prudence so that you don’t appear needy, desperate, lonely, overly eager and too available for insincere or unworthy suitors.

The Rules and The Modern Geisha teach the same thing: self-control.

It is definitely more challenging to “Be honest, but mysterious” and maintain the allure of being a “Creature Unlike Any Other” when you are constantly emoting on Facebook.

It’s also hard to not text him back right away when you are glued to your phone and giddy every time you get a text from your crush.

The Daily News thinks it’s too stringent and more retrograde than ever. Call me old-fashioned, but I think the new rules are retrofit for today.

Much of the old rules still apply, but have been adapted to the new dating trends with regard to technology, texting, Facebook and Twitter.

If you are happy and what you are doing now works for you, then keep doing it. But if you are not dating fruitfully or sick and tired of getting hurt, then try The Rules.

Working too hard at dating to make a relationship work is not The Rules and not Zen.

For Rules fans who have read “Not Your Mother’s Rules,” I am having a free class for clients to discuss the book this Wednesday, January 16th at 6:30pm and 8:30pm U.S. Central Standard Time. Skype video call limits to 10 callers only.

To RSVP, please go to FB Events at and submit this form

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