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email overload

Great news!!!

Due to the overwhelming flood of emails I get asking for advice, I am now offering Email Consultations for $50 and Quick Questions for $25.

Call me old-fashioned, but I have always and still do believe that giving advice by phone or face-to-face is superior to emails.

Early on, I had set myself apart from all the other Rules dating coaches by giving advice in this manner because philosophically, I truly believe it is the best way to take care of my clients.

Hidden Aspects of Communication

There are hidden aspects of communication that cannot be adequately conveyed via text or email such as mood, care and concern, humor, laughter, flirtation, spunk, wit and cheek that are easily seen in person.

As much as 70% of what we communicate when talking directly with others is through eye contact, smiling, facial expressions, body language, pauses, gestures and the tone of voice.

Skype allows me to instruct and communicate far more effectively than the printed word.


Giving relationship advice is a highly emotional and delicate process, and should be handled with utmost care.

Avoiding Miscommunication

Face-to-face dialogue can also prevent the wrong message from inadvertently being passed on, as often is the case in telephone call and even more so in a text.

How often have you experienced miscommunication or got into a fight with your boyfriend all because it started with a text?

How often did your feelings get hurt by a text or email?


What is missing from texts is the tone of voice and the intent may often be misconstrued. Intent is conveyed not just by words alone, but how it is said.

I know too many couples who fight as a result of one misfired text.

The advantage of phone or Skype is you can stop to ask questions for clarity and get instant feedback.

The information I have to share in my consultations is so rich, intricate in meaning and full of subtle nuances that emails betray the quality and depth of my coaching. Texts do not do it justice.

The Option to Get Email Advice


However, if you feel that emails are the best and most efficient way for me to help you, then I will happily honor your request.

Clients now have the option of getting email advice.

For $50, you can get me the phone or Skype for 1/2 hour, which is better than a $50 email consult. But an email consult is far better than none!

There may be times when you are just too busy to schedule a consultation or you are not in place that is quiet, private and convenient enough to talk.

Sometimes email is great for a particular situation, especially if we have already established familiarity and have a history of working together.

Or if you just prefer email, that’s fine, too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Seductive Texting

  1. A guy online texted: [fill-in-the-blank]. How do I close the deal within four exchanges?
  2. My crush just texted me: [fill-in-the-blank]. What do I write back?
  3. How do I respond if my ex is contacting me?
  4. 911! On a date and managed to escape to the ladies room. Please help!
  5. What if the guy is doing The Rules on me?
  6. How do I respond if a guy asks a date, but does not make concrete plans or confirm?
  7. I feel awkward texting. How do I reply with a seductive, flirty and witty banter?
  8. My guy texts me a lot, but he is not asking me for a date. What do I do?
  9. What if a guy keeps texting me for a photo? He has not even asked me for a date yet!
  10. What if a guy keeps asking me for last minute dates, then asks me, “When is good for you?”

If you have a 911 emergency text, I am available to help.


How to Ask Me for Email Advice:

To request an email consultation, please submit the Wufoo form link and I will respond to everyone within 24-48 hours, including weekends and holidays.

wufoo (1)

You have the choice of getting a lengthy, detailed Email Consultation that comes with one free follow-up email or a Quick Question.

  1. Email Consultation:
  2. Quick Question:

In order to receive top priority and immediate attention, requests must be sent via Wufoo, not by email, text or Facebook.

Because I get hundreds of spam and emails daily, please use the Wufoo form link to get prompt and priority attention.


If your request is not sent through Wufoo, it will likely be overlooked.

I wish I had a live, on-call dating coach at my fingertips back when I was young, clueless and still dating over a decade ago.

You now can have access to me as your virtual dating coach!

I am just a click away.Online love, two hearts symbol at the computer key

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