Mission CUAO FAQ’s

PinkFAQThank you all for your interest in Mission CUAO!

I am thrilled and excited to see so many already signed up.

It shows me your level of dedication and commitment to being a Creature Unlike Any Other.

Congratulations on allocating your time and resources to investing in yourself!

You are worth it!

Due to several questions regarding the class, I compiled them into a summary FAQ bulletin on my blog.


Q: Hi Kim! I have signed up and paid. Do I just need to be available via Skype at 8pm Central tomorrow?

A: Love your enthusiasm, but the first class starts May 15th!

Q: How many weeks does this course run for? And if we’ve signed up for the audio, do we get them in one go at the end of the course or week-by-week?

A: Initially, I proposed weekly classes, but once a month is more reasonable and realistic. Let’s see how the first class goes. The number of classes offered will be based on demand.

If you signed up for the audio, you will get it at the end of the course.

Q: Where is the location?

A: All classes are on Skype. To download Skype on your PC or mobile device, go to www.Skype.com.

Q: May we invite friends, or do they need to be former clients?

A: Yes, absolutely! Please invite your friends!


Q: Dear Kim, Re: CUAO lesson, I got 2 invitations, both same day and same time: 15th May from 20 to 21.30 CDT. I understood that there are 2 sessions on 15th May, one at 3pm, and another at 10pm, each 1 hour. So I cannot understand… I booked the one of 15th May at 3pm… Please check, thanks.

A: I created two identical FB Event pages for The Rules Coach fans and my FB friends. The Rules Coach FB page is public (says “Get Tickets”).  The invitation from my personal FB profile is not public, but Invite-Only (says “Hosted by Kim Evazians”). For privacy, you can choose to join the Invite-Only event.

There will be 2 time slots the same day:
1) 3PM CST for UK and European time
2) 8PM CST for US and Asia Pacific time
Please indicate which time you will attend in the Wufoo form.

The duration is 1 hour.

You are registered for May 15th @3pm CST, so you are good to go!

Q: Hi Kim, I AM going to your “Mission CUAO” event, but my sweetie’s on FB and he checks everything I do or post, etc… Since he and I have not spoken about marriage… And I don’t want him to be able to read about this class! I noted it’s “public” so anyone can read about it, right? And if I’ve RSVP’d then he’ll be able to see that I have, right? He’s got me “starred” so anytime I’m ever on FB and he’s on at the same time, he can see what I’m liking or commenting on, even if he’s not friends with those folks! I’ll be there, but need to have my privacy about this one.

A: One is public (posted on Rules Coach fan page). One is private by Invite-Only (posted on my personal FB profile).

It is not required to RSVP on Facebook. To officially RSVP, you must submit Wufoo + PayPal. Don’t worry about FB.

To keep it “honest, but mysterious,” I omitted certain words on the FB event page.

Q: Are you going to have this on audio?

A: Of course!

Q: I always thought that MG – Time Stand Still – Peach Blossom are 3 different lectures… But now I am reading that this super lecture you are preparing is all 3 together?

A: Each lecture is a killer stand-alone course, not a combination.

Things You Should Know:
-To release the audios in a timely manner, audios will not edited, which means names will not be cut. Nobody knows who you are anyways. It’s just us girls!

-If you wish to remain anonymous, please mute your mic.

-If you opt out of participating, it may be difficult for me to answer your questions in detail. Without a dialogue, my answers may be limited. Help me help you!

-For questions regarding how to be a CUAO, please be specific and provide some background. What’s your story? Otherwise, I might make up my own story.

If you have further questions about this event, you know how to reach me.


To sign up for Mission CUAO, please submit this form: https://rulescoach.wufoo.com/forms/mission-cuao/

Look forward to seeing you all May 15th!

2 thoughts on “Mission CUAO FAQ’s

  1. Hi,

    This is Shivani – not sure if you remember me? We spoke almost a year and a half ago I was seriously heart broken and going threw a horrible breakup – post breakup phase. We spent some time togher. I kept your audio and have listened to it when I needed a pick me upper or to know and track my progress of how far I have come. Man I have!
    I would love to partake in this CUAO mission, I don’t have skype. Can I call in?


    1. Hi Shivani,
      Yes, I remember you! How are you? Great hearing from you!
      The way to join this conference call on your phone is to download Skype to your PC or mobile device. Go to http://www.Skype.com for instructions.
      To sign up, please submit this form with your Skype ID: https://rulescoach.wufoo.com/forms/mission-cuao/
      You will receive an email confirmation with further instructions. I will add your Skype ID to the conference call.

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