Dating Oscars

Happy Halloween Eve!

Hope you have your costumes picked out and socials lined up for the weekend!

It happens to be my husband, Raman’s favorite holiday of the year.


It’s the one day you can get away with being sexy and naughty!

Each year, we dress up and go salsa dancing at Halloween parties.

I meant to post this announcement earlier, but got so busy with clients.

Now the deadline has approached… October 31st!

U.K. fan and relationship writer, Kate Taylor was wonderful to nominate me for the iDate Awards 2015. She wrote:

“Calling All Modern Geishas!
If you love Kim’s advice as much as I do, why not nominate her for Best Dating Coach at this year’s “Dating Oscars”?

It’s free and easy to do. Takes ten seconds!

I think Kim deserves to win as she is smart, sassy, kind and committed and Walks The Walk herself.

Vote now!”

Kim: “I love what I do and I think dating should be fun!”

Kate: “You are utterly brilliant, have found your calling, and I want everyone to get the benefit of your wisdom.”

Kim: “I never get emotional. Don’t you dare make me cry, Kate!”


If you enjoy my advice and if I have helped you in any way, please take a moment to cast your votes.

  1. Click: iDate Awards 2015.
  2. Go to “Best Dating Coach” category.
  3. Enter my website:
  4. Brief words why.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my blogs!

Hope to see you all happily married to Mr. Right…

And living the good life!

Kim Evazians

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