Modern Geisha

Copycat vs. Influencer

The world is full of lazy, undisciplined, self-entitled people who just want a free lunch to go. Everyone wants the rewards without doing the work… Or ride the gravy train of “Highly Accomplished People.” It’s human nature. People are predictable.

Someone sent me these social media templates to inform me that another Rules Coach is copying me. It has a striking similarity but a completely different vibe. Definitely not from the same tribe.

Bottom 99% (left) vs. Top 1% (right)

I don’t care if people copy me. It just means they can’t make their next move until I make mine first.

The problem with copying someone like me is that I have a slavishly inhuman work ethic. I am fluid and constantly reinventing myself… I am inimitable.

Which means whoever copies me will always be behind the curve. But at least they have goals.

Here is a testimonial from a young “soul student” yesterday making an astute observation about my practices after listening to two Modern Geisha Mastery audios: Chili Peppers Are Hot, Women Are Jealous and Wu Wei at Work.

She had booked a consult for non-rules related issues like feeling insecure, jealous, and envious of others when it comes to work accomplishments. She was asking me for career advice.

I told her it was natural and to use her feelings in a constructive way to better herself. I assured her that she does not need to feel like a bad person for having these feelings.

She loves the Modern Geisha philosophy. It is a graceful way of life. She feels honored to be among the “vital few” personally mentored by me and wonders how I hold my mood.

Being a Modern Geisha is about sculpting your mind and your life in the pursuit of mastery by becoming an apprentice or disciple.

Dear Mrs. Kim, I just finished listening to the Wu Wei and Chili Pepper audio. It is so relevant to my current situation and feelings. So thankful. οΈI am honored to be part of MG teachings…

By giving priority consults to limited and past clients, this shows quality over quantity. Not collecting clients or collecting FB friends like others…

Making sure to give advice that is based on the clients’ personality… And many more! This makes me appreciate you more as my mentor…

I am actually curious personally on how you are able to control your mood.

Modern Geisha Aspirant

How do I control my mood? The quick answer is…

I had the privilege of being trained by my mentor to be in the Top 1%. I only focus on honing my craft and working with the educated elite. I don’t worry what the Bottom 99% is doing. They are irrelevant. But I’m glad my students are smart enough to see the glaringly obvious truth.

(The Top 1% are trend leaders. The Bottom 99% are followers. They are always watching the Top 1% to see what they are doing and may try to copy but lack the ethics to produce Top 1% results.)

When another coach copies me, they are just telling the whole world they are unoriginal, mentally lazy, and AMATEUR.

Most importantly, they think I’m the best. No one copies a loser. Do they?

How can I be angry? I hope everyone copies me.

It’s different from being just a follower because a coach is supposed to be a thought leader. People follow coaches because they have something unique, powerful, and valuable to offer.

A Modern Geisha is a trend leader, not a follower. In Japan, whatever kimono pattern or colors a geisha was seen wearing in season, all the wives would copy and follow. After all, geishas are admired and revered as the “artistic imperial rockstars.”

If people aren’t copying you, it means you’re not doing enough. Get cracking. You’re slacking.

When people copy me, it means I’m RELEVANT.

It tells me that I have successfully influenced the culture.

Any monkey can copy but not everyone can INFLUENCE.

Would you rather be a copycat or an influencer?

Kim Evazians
The Strict But Successful Coach

Work with Kim: Advice by appointment. All questions must be submitted via Wufoo Form.

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