Modern Geisha

Life Strategies for Toxic People

While many people may give the appearance of being nice and friendly to you, deep under the surface, they are covertly toxic and destructive. 

Clients often call me for tactics on how to deal with their endless daily battles with toxic people.

For your own sanity, develop the ability to quickly recognize them and learn how to let them go.

Toxic people can prevent you from reaching your true potential. And they will do it at any cost.

I created the Modern Geisha philosophy to help women develop soul beauty, poise, and supreme femininity throughout their daily walk in life by writing this mantra:

A Modern Geisha is always moving in a good mood… She is always calm, beautiful, serene, happy, grateful and unperturbed.

Therefore, it is crucial to guard your serenity. Never allow anyone or anything to pollute your aura by allowing them to drag you into their emotional chaos.

Toxic people will put you in a bad mood. Walk away. Maintain your frame. So much depends on your ability to hold your mood.

To become a true Modern Geisha, you must embody supreme calmness under stress, elegant thinking, emotional stability, and mature order. This also means having healthy boundaries and the strength to let them go.

Due to the overwhelming amount of fan mail I get from beloved followers who have found my Modern Geisha audios and told me how much it has changed their life, I’m bringing back the Modern Geisha philosophy.

It is a more elegant way of being and a “refined system of education.”

Modern Geisha is the heart and soul of my teachings. It comes from “soul knowledge,” not by a book.

I am currently focusing on redeveloping and strengthening what I started in 2011-2013 when I was a baby coach.

All my best and original material was created back then. Thanks to all my “soul clients” who kept following me and would not let it go.

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Kim Evazians
The Strict But Successful Coach

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