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Phone Detox Challenge πŸ“±

Have more free time.

Read good books.

Be more productive.

Better sleep.

Less comparing.

Decreased anxiety.

Enhanced awareness.

Personal growth.

I like to connect with people in real life and be fully present. It’s a gift. πŸ’πŸ’ŽπŸŒΉ

Divine Feminine

Feminine Strength and Logic

On this day, I became a Certified Rules Dating Coach 9 years ago. It’s my 9th Rules Anniversary. Thanksgiving was when I completed my certification.

The Rules Authors, Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider officially listed me on their Directory of Rules Coaches on December 1, 2010.

I didn’t have a website, blog or Facebook page. Just “Happily Married” and my email.

Within 12 days, I got my first client emailing for a consultation asking, “How do I pay you?”

This was the first conversation from a serious client. People who are serious about coaching pay before asking questions.

She was a 21-year-old college student from Mexico who was calling me about a heartbreak story and needed help rebuilding her self-esteem, self-confidence, and how to be truly feminine.

Within 30 minutes, I created a PayPal account and Skype account to do free international video calls. So did she.

She paid for her consultation, added me on Skype and a couple of hours later, we were having a Rules consultation.

After our call, she wrote me this testimonial–my very first client testimonial ever:

“I was having a really bad break up and I didn’t know what to do or how to act. I felt so lost. So I contacted Kim via email and she was so helpful.

She told me how to be a Rules Girl even in a breakup situation and I did, and she promised me if I did what she said; my ex-boyfriend was most likely to contact me again. And guess what? He did.

Being a Rules Girl doesn’t mean being old-fashioned fashioned or not being a successful woman. On the contrary, it means you understand men and women are different so we should act different.

I used to act with boys like guys are with girls because I thought…. Well, we are the same right? Wrong. And if you are thinking this is a whole new concept for you, don’t worry. There is people to help you and guide you to be happy. Kim is one of them.”

Pamela Rivero, 21, College Student, Mexico

Since that moment, I accepted my calling as a guardian of single women to bring calmness, strength and logic in a harsh, cold and chaotic world.

Being a success story by Kim Evazians isn’t always about getting a ring.

It’s standing in your own power: confident, poised, strong, self-sufficient and independent.

Feminine strength is…

-Withdrawing your energy and letting him chase you.

-Remaining calm, balanced and poised when he disappears or just needs space.

-Letting him go without crying, begging and drama.

Feminine logic is…

-Choosing to love only those who love you.

-Making important life decisions with your head, not just your heart.

-Being grounded in reality by acting according to what IS, not what you hope it would be.

He will be back if he is truly yours.

But until then, you must get in touch with your divine feminine power and practice self-care routines.

Do things that make you feel good and are good for you. This could be spending time with friends, arts & crafts, community service, journaling, self-help books, meditation, personal coaching, being in nature, dancing, music, writing a novel…

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Success Story

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! πŸ—πŸ™πŸ’

Waking up with gratitude is the first lesson in manifesting success in love. πŸ’–

I posted this on Thanksgiving Day but retracted it due to a typo. This is a special message to my WordPress subscribers because it takes more effort than Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for following!

First, I just wanted to say that I have no idea how you found this site. It was abandoned it 4 years ago. This was my original training blog back when I was a baby coach before “Secrets of the Modern Geisha” in 2011.

My last post was in the Fall of 2014. It wasn’t until February of 2019 (4 years later) that I noticed an overwhelming number of email subscribers . This influenced me to blog again. Thanks for being here! Now back to the main message…

After I stopped accepting FB Friend requests in 2018, I got a note from a fan who’s been following me for a year. She never once asked me for anything. Just wanted to say thank you and share her engagement pics. Very classy young lady. πŸ‘Έ

“Thank you Kim. I added your Facebook just want you to know I’m thankful. You’re awesome. Thank you so much.

Because of you I know how to be happy, how to be thankful. Hope everything great to you. My English isn’t so good. I’m Vietnamese. ‘

I known The Rules from a group name “BupBe Inc.” A lady told me about you. I started to follow you nearly 1 year. I nexted 1 men…”

Grateful Fan and Success Story

I’m grateful for these messages from fans who followed my advice and got the ring! πŸ’

I’m also grateful for fans who “Share” my blogs. (Note: Anything I post on social media is free and for sharing, but I do not answer any questions without booking an appointment.)

She embodies my Modern Geisha teachings. My audio lectures such as, “Hold Your Mood to Hold Your Man” contains my mantra that is practiced by women around the world.

Practicing this mantra every day will elevate you from being a Karmic Feminine (a younger soul still learning her lessons) to a Divine Feminine (a more spiritually advanced and mature soul who is ready for a higher connection and sacred union with her Divine Masculine–her ultimate lover).

Romantic love is the reward for leveling up, conquering your spiritual lessons and self-mastery.

Always start your day with gratitude. It allows you to draw in abundance from the universe and step into your Empress energy.

Now accepting applications for β€œThe Empress School: An elegant system of education for ladies serious about success in romance.”

The Rules + Charm School Grace Kelly Style, taught by certified Rules Coach Kim Evazians.

Where: FB Group Live Meetings (secret group)
Start Date: December 12, 2019
Application Fee: $101.11 (one-time only)
Monthly Tuition Fee: $55.00

A. $33.99 for 1 month
B. $88.00 for 3 months
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Advice By Kim

Housekeeping: Essential Books

Dear Clients, If you want to date without worry, read these 3 books before booking consults.

Give yourself a chance to learn The Rules.

This was a family treasure taught by Melanie’s grandmother.

Out of pity, Melanie started sharing The Rules with all her friends whenever they met for Chinese dinners crying over heartbreak stories every Thursday night.

Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider were the ones who gathered all of the advice for “How to Get a Swell Husband” and put it all together in a book that became a #1 New York Times Bestseller.

It’s the best self-help dating Bible ever written.

You will still have questions and eventually need personalized coaching for challenging situations not covered in the books just like all my clients.

Kim Evazians Top 3 Rules:
1. Let him chase you.
2. Be hard to get, easy to be with.
3. Radiate with mystery.

What do you think? List your top 3 favorite rules.

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Success Story

I’m a Mrs. Now

The Mrs. Box. Photo by Deluxe Modern Designs.

“Hello Kim, I am a Mrs. now and over the moon! I can’t believe my dream came true! You are definitely very good at what you do. I believe being married is one of the best things one could do with their life!”

-Grateful Client, London, UK

My client had worked with several other Rules coaches but didn’t get results, so she sought me out for private coaching as her last and only coach.

She has a strong, dominant personality. A natural leader, ENTJ. She needed a “strict coach,” someone who can effectively lead her. She did not feel satisfied by a “soft coach.” Even if they are married.

She didn’t have any complaints. She just said they were all “Nice but not effective.”

If you are a strong, dominant alpha type female, then you may not be able listen to someone who is soft or take them seriously. That’s why I ask for people’s MBTI personality types upfront. Different types have different functions and needs.

Please do not just assume that every Rules Coach is the same. Even The Rules authors Ellen and Sherrie have opposite personalities. If you have ever worked with them, you will see what I mean. They are like yin and yang. Not alike.

When she realized she had to unlearn everything she had been told by other coaches and start over from scratch with me, she completely removed herself from online dating or any kind of social activities. She disciplined herself to solely focus on self-development before trying to date again.

My client did all homework assignments I gave her: Love Maps (healing her inner child, learning from past dating mistakes), Wishlist for Mr. Right, getting a makeover and learning how to become more feminine while being a strong alpha type.

She never checked her profile once during that period. She focused on working with me and improving her value. DEAD ZONE. No contact with anyone. She disappeared.

At some point, she had downloaded every single Modern Geisha audio she could find. I never told her about them. I only told her about Mission CUAO and Hold Your Mood. She totally STALKED me. I was a bit startled to be honest.

It took her 3 months of coaching to make a complete transformation. After 4 months of coaching, she finally got the confidence to get back online. She did not want to mess up this time. It didn’t take her any time to meet her future husband. She attracted him quite effortlessly, like it was magic.

This is Law of Attraction at work. You attract what you are, not what you want.

She made such a “classy” first impression on him (I don’t like to use that word, that was his description of her after their first date) that she closed the deal (got engaged) in 4 months.

This client is the perfect example of my strict “Grace Kelly style” coaching. She was always grateful for any advice I gave no matter how hard it was to hear.

She respected my advice so much that she would rather have me criticize her privately than go out into the world making moronic blunders.

If you want to know more details about my client’s “strict but successful” dating strategy, call me for a consultation. Now taking new clients. To book:

Divine Feminine

Be Royal

Be Royal – Some people seem like they are destined to wear a crown πŸ‘‘.

The way you carry yourself will determine how you are treated. A queen respects herself and inspires the same sentiment in others.

#uncommonknowledge #advicebykim #rulesgirl #empressenergy #leoqueen #48lawsofpower

Grace Kelly was not born a royal, but she carried herself like one.

She was an accomplished American actress who captured the heart of a European monarch with her supreme elegance, feminine poise, and royal manner.

Prince Rainer of Monaco needed an heir and had to marry a royal carry out his legacy, but there weren’t many princesses available to marry back then.

His spiritual advisor, a Catholic priest, gave him a solution. He told Prince Rainer to marry Grace Kelly, a movie star who could ACT like one.

Now accepting applications to enroll in “The Empress School: An elegant system of education for ladies serious about success in romance. “

The Rules + Charm School Grace Kelly Style, taught by certified Rules Coach Kim Evazians.

Where: FB Group Live Meetings (secret group)
Start/End Date: December 1, 2019 – December 1, 2020
Application Fee: $101.11 (one-time only)
Monthly Tuition Fee: $55.00

A. $33.99 for 1 month
B. $88.00 for 3 months
To apply:

Tuition for a 6-week course at the finest Swiss Finishing School costs 30,000 Swiss Francs ($30,300 USD). What I currently offered is priceless, rare and for a limited time to those who are ready to step up.

Before submitting an application, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND READ TWICE.

Rules & Requirements: In order to be eligible…

A. You must be a client* who has had private consultations.

B. Have at least 3 audios**:
1. Mission CUAO
2. Hold Your Mood to Hold Your Man
3. One of your choice

C. Submit the form + application fee + tuition fees.
To apply:

Incomplete and insufficient applications without these minimum requirements will be declined and any fees paid will be refunded.

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