14th Meetiversary: Men Know What They Like at First Sight!

So happy and excited for a client whose relationship started out with a strong, Rules-y beginning.

She had a “check-in consult” with me last night just to make sure she was on the right track.

Her boyfriend fell madly in love with her from the beginning and asked to be exclusive within one week!

Men know what they like when they see it and they don’t waste time. Neither should you!

Don’t waste time with time-wasters!

Learn how to say, “Next!” quickly and a new door will open.

Well, that’s what she finally did with the previous two guys she had been dating for months.

I’m so proud of her for being such a Creature Unlike Any Other, because the typical Average Frustrated Woman will keep hanging on to Mr. Wrong.

Now she’s exclusive with a man who adores her and wants to marry her! Speaking of which, today is our 14th Meetiversary–the anniversary of the day after we met and became exclusive.

Yep! It took only one day! The following “Saturday Date” was just a formality, so we didn’t really have a “dating period.” My husband knew he wanted to be with me right away.

Like I said earlier, men know what they like when they see it and don’t waste time! When you know, you know, and there’s nothing anybody can say about it.

Rules relationships have a strong beginning, middle and end, and they end in a happy marriage!

Even though we both work from home, have breakfast, lunch and dinner together on-the-clock, my husband never gets tired of spending time with me. In fact, he asked me not to take any consults today so that we can go see a matinee at Alamo Drafthouse!

Taking the day off to spend time with Mr. Right!

Moving On Gets You the Ring!

A client I hadn’t heard from in a while called me for a consult on Wednesday. We spoke in May of last year when she had broken up with her on-again-off-again boyfriend of three years. It was a nonRules-y relationship with no proposal in sight, so she finally decided to say, “Next!”

Even though it was painful for her to move on, I encouraged her to go out dancing with her girlfriends at a country western bar. She was willing to go out and asked me for any tips. My last piece of advice to her was:

1. Look HOT!
2. Smile.
3. Let him initiate eye contact and approach you.
4. Have fun, but end everything first!

Well, a guy at the country western bar did approach her. She is now married to that guy!

It was totally Rules-y from the beginning and even though he chatted with her friends, he stayed and talked to her most of the night. Before leaving, he asked for her number. He fell in love with her fast and she never broke a single rule.

It’s funny, because she never once called me for a consult while dating her new husband. Zero.So I totally believe her when she said, “I never broke any rules,” because there were no problems, no drama and no consults. No news was good news!

But with her ex, she often called for consults because he would do things that triggered her insecurities. He would pull away, take long breaks saying he needed space and she never felt like things were progressing. It was a nonRules-y relationship that needed to end. So she finally said “Next!” to her ex and got the ring!

Felicia When her ex found out she got married through a friend, he had the nerve to contact her and say, “Well, you know I had the ring for you when you broke up with me… I never told you because I wanted to keep it a surprise.”

Well, I don’t believe it, because he didn’t put a ring on it! “All show, no go.” Ex-boyfriends will make up stuff like that just to guilt you and make you feel bad. Don’t fall for it.

I’m glad she dumped her ex and married a man who put his money where his mouth his. There is something to be said about putting a ring on your finger… And it didn’t take three years!

My client and her husband got married in April, bought a beautiful home in May and are now honeymooning in Playa del Carmen, Mexico as we speak! Congratulations to the happy newlyweds!

-If you have doubts about moving on from a nonRules-y relationship…
-If you are dating a guy off-and-on for three years with no proposal in sight…
-If he keeps pulling away, then makes empty promises, but nothing to show for it…

Then it’s time move on. Part of being a Rules Girls is having faith in The Rules and faith in yourself. Give up on the guy, but don’t give up on you. Letting go will set you free to meet someone new and better. LetThingsGoSoThere'sRoom

I know it’s hard to let go when there’s history and strong feelings. Sometimes you just don’t feel like going out dancing or dating others, but doing The Rules means learning to say, “Next” to a guy who was never going to marry you.

You deserve to  have a man who cares about you, respects you, loves you and wants to marry you.

My goal is to have a man come to you on bended knee with a ring. But to earn it, you must do The Rules.

The result of doing The Rules is marrying Mr. Right and getting the ring… Like my client!

I am very proud of her for moving on. Let me help you be the next Rules success story!

If you need advice, call me for a consultation: Consultation Request Form.

Happily married and helping women get to the altar faster!
Kim Evazians

Two Rings in One Week!

Nancy's Rings 2

Hello Kim!

I just wanted to share some wonderful news with you… I am recently engaged with a wedding date planned for the near future!

I thank you so much for your guidance and advice over the past year.

Without God and you, I would not have become the woman I needed to be for my soon to be husband.

Thank you so much for teaching me the fine art of blending The Rules with the Secrets of the Modern Geisha. Most definitely life-changing for this woman!

Your advice helped me tremendously all along the way.

My fiancé is the alpha male I last consulted with you on in October. He proposed two weeks ago with a ring that he chose, but then took me shopping the next day to let me choose another ring… So I received two diamond rings in the course of one week.

He has thanked me for being feminine and allowing him to feel like a man. He has said that most women come across so masculine and hardened that he had given up on finding a woman he wanted to marry… Until I came along.

I have to admit that I used to be one of those kind of women until I started learning from you and studying the art of femininity.

So thank you again for helping me learn what men are looking for in women.

Forever Grateful,
Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Nancy,

Wow! Congratulations! What a wonderful way to wake up on a Sunday! This is why I love my job, to receive these private, quiet triumphs.

How did he propose? Do you have a photo of the two rings? May I share your success story?

Getting a proposal comes around once in a lifetime, but getting two engagement rings in one week is rare and uncommon! I am speechless!

Your story will give women inspiration and encouragement knowing that The Rules + Modern Geisha coaching works. Their wedding dreams can come true with a little help from their fairy Rules coach!

Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful news about your engagement!


Nancy is now happily married to Mr. Right.

Nancy and Mr.Right

It was months later when I finally got the story of how they met and photos of the ring.

She met Mr. Right through an online dating website early in September 2012.

It was mutual attraction at first sight. One of the first important clues for determining a Rules relationship is the initial physical attraction. Sherrie Schneider once said on Oprah, “He has to like your looks first.”

They had an enormous connection physically, mentally and emotionally. I believe that in order to have highest chance of success for a happy, long-term, committed relationship that will end in marriage, two people must have compatibility in these four areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Nancy said they were seeing each other 1-2 times per week for the first month before he asked to be exclusive. He was a true gentleman and even booked dance lessons in November.

Please take note of these two rules:
-Rule #13: Don’t See Him More Than Once or Twice a Week
-Rule #17: Let Him Take the Lead.

Men generally tend to fall in love faster than women, but they also fall out of love faster. This is why we see him only once or twice a week, so that he doesn’t get bored or take you for granted by seeing too much of you too soon.

“Dating is like slow dancing. The man must take the lead or you will fall over your feet.” –The Rules

The guy must be the first one to say “I love you” and declare exclusivity.

It’s interesting Mr. Right booked dance lessons. As a salsa and tango dancer, I recognize parallel between the roles of man and a woman in romance and dancing.


Learning how to be a good follower in dancing also helps you become a good follower in love relationships. The feminine role in dancing is exactly the same in relationships. Let him take the lead! You will both enjoy it much more that way.

When Thanksgiving came, she did not ask about his plans for the holiday. He left town to visit family his without her. Even though she was deeply disappointed, she held her mood and never once complained or revealed in any way how she felt. Instead, she remained calm, relaxed, positive and cheerful.

A Rules Girl/CUAO (Creature Unlike Any Other) does not bring up holiday plans or ask to meet his family. She simply observes his behavior. How a man treats you on holidays is a good indicator of how he really feels about you.

It turns out he decided to come back from his Thanksgiving trip early. He drove straight to her house that evening and said that they would never spend another holiday apart. He got down on one knee and proposed with a ring he had chosen and she said, “Yes!”

The very next week, he took her ring shopping to could pick out a second ring of her choosing. He said he just couldn’t wait to propose, so he picked one out on his own because he didn’t want to propose empty handed.

Getting to the altar is a path of change and self-transformation. A woman will know that she has truly transformed when she finally walks down the aisle.

kate-middleton-5-660 wedding train

In order to achieve this, she must relinquish the desire to control and contrive the outcome of a relationship.

By doing The Rules, she is also practicing the art of Wu Wei by allowing the proposal to take its natural course.

In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu explains the paradox of Wu Wei. Being in harmony with the Tao means one must behave in a completely natural, uncontrived way.

For Taoists, the goal of spiritual practice for the human being is the attainment of this natural way of behaving.

In terms of The Rules, it’s called being a Rules Girl.

What is a Rules Girl?

She is a Creature Unlike Any Other.

“If you had ever met a Melanie, you wouldn’t have thought she was extraordinarily pretty, smart or special, but you might have noticed that she had a way of behaving around men that put prom queens to shame.”The Rules

Central to the Modern Geisha philosophy is concept of Wu Wei, which has several translations:
1. “Without action”
2. “Without effort”
3. “Without control”
4. “Effortless action”
5. “Action that does not involve struggle or excessive effort”


The paradox of Wu Wei is, when you finally let go, you finally get what you want.

When you meet Mr. Right, you will not have to struggle or stress about making the relationship work. It will feel natural and easy.

This does not mean it takes no effort to have a happy Rules relationship. Yes, it does require work and effort, but it will feel effortless.

Finally, one last thing I wanted to mention is that the choice of the engagement ring falls upon the guy. Like most gifts, we do not get to choose. What he picks is what you get.

By fully embracing and embodying The Rules and the Modern Geisha philosophy, Nancy got two rings!

Nancy's Rings 1

Wow, that is rare—her story is the perfect example of being a Creature Unlike Any Other!