Dating Oscars

Happy Halloween Eve!

Hope you have your costumes picked out and socials lined up for the weekend!

It happens to be my husband, Raman’s favorite holiday of the year.


It’s the one day you can get away with being sexy and naughty!

Each year, we dress up and go salsa dancing at Halloween parties.

I meant to post this announcement earlier, but got so busy with clients.

Now the deadline has approached… October 31st!

U.K. fan and relationship writer, Kate Taylor was wonderful to nominate me for the iDate Awards 2015. She wrote:

“Calling All Modern Geishas!
If you love Kim’s advice as much as I do, why not nominate her for Best Dating Coach at this year’s “Dating Oscars”?

It’s free and easy to do. Takes ten seconds!

I think Kim deserves to win as she is smart, sassy, kind and committed and Walks The Walk herself.

Vote now!”

Kim: “I love what I do and I think dating should be fun!”

Kate: “You are utterly brilliant, have found your calling, and I want everyone to get the benefit of your wisdom.”

Kim: “I never get emotional. Don’t you dare make me cry, Kate!”


If you enjoy my advice and if I have helped you in any way, please take a moment to cast your votes.

  1. Click: iDate Awards 2015.
  2. Go to “Best Dating Coach” category.
  3. Enter my website:
  4. Brief words why.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my blogs!

Hope to see you all happily married to Mr. Right…

And living the good life!

Kim Evazians

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Pretty Rulesy Mails


Happy Fall! Hope you had a lovely summer (or winter in the southern hemisphere)!

If you haven’t heard from me lately, it’s because I’ve been pretty busy coaching clients on a weekly or monthly basis.

I love helping clients apply The Rules to everything from dating to decluttering and dieting!

So much to share, so little time to write. Wish I had magical fairies helping me run my Rules school!

Fall means back to school (and back to The Rules). As a former high school teacher (and strict disciplinarian), teaching rules has always been my craft.

Today, I teach everything your mother, religion, school and Girl Scout troop never taught you.

In school, you learned the three R’s:
1. Reading
2. WRiting
3. ARithmetic

But did they ever teach you the other two important R’s?
1. The Rules
2. Marrying Mr. Right

It hurts my heart to see so many smart, single women making silly mistakes with men, when they could be happily married and living a great life!

Are you frustrated from doing The Rules for years with no results?

Don’t date for years without fruit (no pun intended)!

Don’t live a life of quiet desperation.

Dating is a competitive situation that requires feminine skills and womanly wiles.

My speciality is teaching women the forgotten art femininity for dating, marriage and life.

Marriage isn’t for everyone and that’s OK.

But if you’re ready for marriage, contact me for a bespoke Rules consultation.

If you are not ready for Rules coaching yet, but curious about The Rules, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Feel free to peek around!

By popular demand, I am curating frequently asked questions from over the years and launching my new Pretty Rulesy mails.

In the past, I never did newsletters because:
1) I am naturally a private person.
2) I am already busy coaching and writing emails to clients every day.
3) And from a philosophical point of view, it felt spammy not Rulesy.

But if you love The Rules and can’t get enough, join my Pretty Rulesy mailing list!

There’s so much stuff on social media, I am doing a digital detox.

For efficiency, I may unplug Facebook and go with old-fashioned emails forever.

There is strength in simplicity. Less is more!

The Rules isn’t just a dating philosophy. It’s a way of life!

What are your goals this year? How will you succeed?

Do you have a plan of action, accountability, reliable system and support structure?

If you long to be in happy, committed Rules relationship, let me help you finish the year with aplomb!

Doing it on your own can be lonely, confusing, frustrating and ineffective without a Rules role-model and mentor to hold your hand.

I’ve been where you are and know what it’s like. Dating is tough!

Are you struggling and need help?

Get an experienced teacher who has a serious track record of getting results.

Don’t delay. Your happiness is important. Call me today!

Be pretty. Be Rulesy and never, ever settle!

Kim Evazians
Dating Strategist | Rules Evangelist
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Your Semi-Annual Review



Happy July 1st!

Happy birthday and congrats to all the graduates, newlyweds, anniversaries and new babies! Hope you are having a great year!

We are back from our 10th anniversary cruise and have stories, photos and videos to share on Facebook soon. Cruises are the ultimate pampering experience! We had a relaxing, romantic and re-June-ivating trip.

It was also a nice “Digital Detox” from email, phone, Facebook and distractions, since we had no access to cell phones or emails–unless if you want to pay 0.75/minute for internet! There were so many cool, fun and interesting activities on the ship and shore excursions, why would you?

Tons of people on the cruise had just graduated or just got married. Happy milestones! Speaking of milestones, today is the first day of the second half of the year.

Have you done a semi-annual review of your goals? Are you on track doing The Rules?

Are you are living the “Creature Unlike Any Other” lifestyle, being Rules-y and attracting the relationships you want?

If you didn’t meet your New Year’s goals yet, here is your second chance! Start now and be fierce. No exceptions, no excuses!

Feel free to use these questions for your semi-annual review:
1. What rules have you done or broken?

2. What were the results of doing The Rules or consequences of breaking them?

3. Do you have a Rules coach or support system to keep you accountable?

4. Do you keep a Rules journal to write down your experiences and feelings?

5. What is working?

6. What isn’t working?

7. What do you need to focus on right now?

I have learned that in order to be wildly successful in anything, you must focus on one thing at a time. Otherwise, you will feel stressed, scattered, overwhelmed and burn out quickly. Not very Rules-y. Sometimes doing The Rules as a lifestyle means learning to refuse, and very often!

F ollow
O ne
C ourse
U ntil
S uccessful

Some succinct Rules-y advice from my husband: “Multi-tasking is doing nothing really well.” ~Raman Evazians

Wu Wei in the Workplace

As promised, I have tons of Rules success stories and sob stories in my blog queue to share. My consultations are private and confidential, but because my clients are generous, they are allowing me to share their stories and photos to help you to do The Rules. They work!

I hope that by sharing these stories, you will be able to profit from the mistakes of others without having to go through the pain yourself. The Rules were written to help you date with dignity and marry Mr. Right with the least amount of pain and suffering.

Also, thanks to all my blog commenters for your questions and comments. I appreciate you taking time to read my very, very quick blog right before we sailed off to the Caribbean! I’ve been so busy catching up with clients that I have not been able to respond, but will post new blogs in response to your comments soon.

Would love to hear your semi-annual review if you want to share in the comments section below.

In the meantime, be a Creature Unlike Any Other and live a good life!

If you have a special situation and need advice, please submit this form: Consultation Form.

Happily married and helping women get to the altar faster!
Kim Evazians

10th Anniversary Cruise with Mr. Right

Hello Rules Fans!
Just wanted to write a quick note before we cruise off on our vacation.

If it’s been quiet, it’s because I’ve been a busy-bee helping women get to the altar faster! (It’s much easier getting a Ph.D than getting married these days.) Speaking of which, 10 years ago was when Mr. Right and I walked down the aisle to say, “I do.”


He is taking us on a 7-day Caribbean cruise to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on Juneteenth (June 19th), an important milestone in American history. Do you know what that is? That’s your pop trivia question for today. (Comment below if you know!)

We’ve both been busy, working brutally hard and have not had a vacation since last year on our anniversary in Cancun.

Even though my husband recently lost his job (a blessing, not a misfortune) and our budget is far more modest, he is still indulging me in week-long cruise even though he’d rather be working on his new venture.

The story is, he’s been “in the zone” working passionately and relentlessly and was not exactly in the mood for a break, especially in the midst of making so much progress.

Dilemma: Husband wants to work. Wife wants a vacation. Husband wants to hit the accelerator. Wife wants a reset button to refresh, recalibrate and rejuvenate.


Staples Reset Button

So what happened?

Husband yields to wife and books a cruise.

After all, that is what loving, caring and devoted Rules husbands do. In a Rules marriage, husbands put their wives first. Most importantly, they plan something special and romantic for anniversaries.

Lately, several clients have asked me, “What if a guy is cheap with gifts?” If he’s cheap with gifts, then he’s going to be cheap with love and commitment. Remember, men work hard to earn money because they know it will enable them to date and marry their dream girl.

It’s not about the money, but the type of gift. It has to be romantic, not practical. But a man who is in love with a woman will lavish her with romantic gifts and try to impress her with the best. Romance is not about being frugal, it’s frivolous. Mr. Right will be emotionally and financially invested in you. This is your litmus test when weeding out Mr. Wrong.

Mr. Right will be more romantic than pragmatic. He budgets where he can, but doesn’t pinch pennies when it comes to his wife or dream girl on romantic holidays (her birthday, Valentine’s Day and their anniversary).

Since it’s summer, clients are also asking me if they can accept invitations to 1-week long vacations with a guy are dating, especially when they are dying for a vacation, too! The rule is no long vacations, only quick trips that are 2-3 day weekends. Save long vacations for your honeymoon. There will be plenty of time for that after you are married!

I am very happy, blessed and grateful to have such an amazing husband of 10 incredible years! I would not be the Rules dating coach I am today without his devotion, unconditional love and support.

My husband spoils me, but it’s because I don’t spoil myself, I don’t pamper myself, I don’t buy myself things or go crazy with the credit card on shopping sprees.

Do you want to know how to have an enduring, committed Rules marriage, and a husband who treats you like a princess?

Being a Rules wife is not about being a spoiled, selfish, lazy, narcissistic and entitled princess.

It’s about having the humility, maturity, dignity, wisdom and responsibility to work hard and postpone immediate gratification to take care of long-term goals and future concerns for the family.

When you are busy working hard, being productive and not succumbing to laziness or self-indulgence, you will have a husband who supports you, encourages you, treats you like royalty and takes you on a cruise for your anniversary!


If you want a happy marriage, then you must do The Rules, toss the habit of self-indulgence and practice a little self-denial.


Will be sharing more Rules success stories when I get back! (And maybe some sob stories, too.)

While on the cruise, I may not have access to internet or emails. Will write back as soon as I return.

If you have a dating emergency and need immediate assistance, please contact Ellen Fein or Sherrie Schneider at

Have a great summer!

Happily married and helping women get to the altar faster.
Kim Evazians