Secret Group

Are you looking for a Rules support group?

I wanted a secret, safe and private place for you to enjoy camaraderie, self-directed learning and empowering discussions with other like-minded Rules Girls from around the world.

This is your network of support whenever you need advice, encouragement, have book discussions or a “Boo-Hoo Crew” after a painful break-up. Having a personal Rules Coach and a strong support group can help accelerate your personal growth and develop your inner power to get results!

House Rules: This is a self-governed community where I will moderate as needed.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this community is to share common interests in general group discussions and is not a substitute for private coaching or therapy. As your Rules Coach, I promise that anything discussed in a consultation is 100% private and confidential. However, anything you post in a group forum is intended to be shared with other group members. For your own privacy and protection, please post prudently and use your discretion.

Looking forward to having you be a part of the rich discussions we have on a regular basis.

Membership Requirements
To join my Secret Rules Group, please:
1. Add me as a FB Friend
2. Submit this form: Secret Rules Group

In order to ensure the safety, privacy and enjoyment of all members, certain requirements must be met for approval and access to the group.