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Isabel 2/3/2012 5:13:07 PM
A few months ago, I almost broke up with a man who was as equally crazy about me as I was about him because I didn’t understand his actions in the relationship. Luckily, I called Kim instead. Her calm, compassionate, and rational insights not only stopped me from making a terrible mistake, but also led me to behaviors that truly reflected what I wanted (to receive the love he was trying to give). A few weeks after following Kim’s advice, my man was having “the talk” with me to make things official, and a few weeks after that he was inviting me to meet his parents who, according to him, were dying to meet me. I thought things were perfect when I met the man of my dreams, yet they keep getting better and better! That is why I continue to call on Kim – not necessarily to fix problems, but to give me the reinforcement I need to keep moving in a positive direction towards the most fulfilling love.

Amelia Raquelle 12/10/2011 2:41:49 AM
It’s only been a short time… But thanks to Kim’s “secrets”… The love of my life is absolutely enraptured by me! The complete security and assurance of his love and commitment are amazing… He hears the wedding bells and is excited to make me his bride soon……. Thank you, Kim!!!!!!!

Tania Dee 12/3/2011 5:15:26 AM
Kim tools are simple and easy to use. Her teachings take the Rules to a different level. Kim helps with all relationships in general. So that you live a holistic life, men will find you charming… But then again people around you will find you charming as well. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s a small price to pay for something that can go a long way. Do less for more! I had two dates in one day… Whoa! She helps us believe in love again, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you!

RG 11/29/2011 3:41:30 AM
This is my third session with Kim, and there’s something very cleansing and inspiring about the coaching. I was having a rough weekend, but my spirits were lifted up. The more I get to know Kim, the more I know that it’s worth investing.

Pearl C.  10/30/2011 1:24:24 AM
Thanks to Kim….the BIGGEST problem in my relationship is…….. My sweetheart ALWAYS tells me just how much he loves, adores and cares for me :+)!!!!!!!!! Oh and the other problem is he’s eager to MARRY ME SOON!!!!(And the M word has NEVER come out of my mouth!!) Now if that’s the BIGGEST problem –then something is alllll to right with Kim’s coaching!!——-Kim shares the SECRETS of making a man maddeningly addicted to you…and my sweetheart is totally, absolutely head over heels for me….and I luvvvv it (and I love him too:+)—)

Amelia Raquelle 10/28/2011 3:55:27 PM
I was not interested in the variety of good, great, or even more popular relationship coaches (and there are many who fit that description. instead I wanted to be led ABOVE that realm (as I do not have time or money to waste) —I wanted to be led to a coach who is superiorly expertised and gifted in the area of relationships…. I wanted someone who not only is masterful in passing on ways of being… But who also exhibits that in their own life. Kim is the TOTAL package and is even beyond what I had hoped for in an exceptional coach!!—And even her own very loving, fun and vibrant marriage are a testament to how she is indeed a CUAO… And a relationship coach unlike any other as well. I’m so glad I made and will continue to make this worthy investment…….going the cheap route just isn’t successful (i.e.: reading tons of magazines, talking to girlfriends who are well meaning but are not experts, reading relationship books) —-nor is wasting money successful (i.e. ongoing therapy, counseling, costly seminars)–but making an investment that has led to my BLISSFUL RESULTS!!!! (By working with Kim)—has been PRICELESS!!

RG 10/27/2011 4:39:40 AM
Kim taught things in one session that I have could have spent months or years in therapy trying to acquire. There is something about her demeanor and choice of words that can leave you feeling positive instantly. I love how she personalizes her advice to each unique lady’s situation. The Rules book is general, but Kim gives your own specialized plan!

AC 10/5/2011 3:05:09 AM
Kim, he proposed!! I’m engaged!! I didn’t even expect it yet. Thank you for your guidance, your thoughtfulness and your knowledge of men, women, relationships and The Rules. You are a GREAT love coach for anyone!! Love and thanks, Mrs. R to be.

Anita Natalia 9/25/2011 8:20:10 PM
Kim has been wonderful like a friend and a mentor to me. She gives me wisdom and a peace of mind. She helps me going through a difficult relationship… Helping me find my core and “center” myself. She makes me strong and believe in myself. Thank you so much Kim!!! You are heaven-sent! 😀

AC 8/26/2011 10:35:27 PM
I’m back to update my post. I’ve had almost 10 sessions with Kim and I want everyone to know my gratitude for finding her. My relationship feels great. I think without Kim’s guidance I’d be lost again and again. Today I listened again to the mp3 of our first consult and realized how glad I was she is in my life. She is a true guide – towards love and a beautiful relationship. I hope every woman will have the opportunity to consult with Kim and enjoy success in love. Thanks Kim, for always being understanding, comforting, positive and wise.

Angel 8/18/2011 3:34:18 PM
Kim dear, I have known you for a long time and when I first met you, you were a teacher. I was going through a hard time and you would encourage me, give me strength, cheered me up and guided me, I have pushed you away and yet you would email me to see how I was doing, and talked a bit about your life which cheered me up, and you still give me your utmost support. You have made me liked me! I am now loving and fulfilling life! Now you are The Rules Coach, maybe this was a sign?! This is what you are meant to do! I am so proud of you, I thank God for you, and you are a heaven sent, thank you for being you, thank you for being my special friend and sister. I love you always x

Radha Dasi 7/29/2011 11:14:33 PM
Dear Kim, that was great!!!! You helped me to see a complete new perspective!! Oops – I really messed it! Have now my first 2 topics as “homework” – will do them very seriously and happily! Very happy that I found you – you are a great, loving, positive, inspiring coach. Thanks! jay sri radheee (-:

Dena 7/26/2011 7:07:57 PM
The power of the rules is radiating the unique feminine beauty of “you” and what “you” have to offer… It is not the media’s interpretation…which makes women think they must buy newer creams, get more Botox, become a size zero..Etc…But it’s radiating that confidence, assurance and femininity that is sure to attract, maintain and enamor your Mr. Right. It’s what will draw him and keep in love when age and time have taken over us. ——–Kim understands this feminine mystique and helps women execute it on the highest level. I already had many of these tools (I’d liken it to academia…I had a Bachelors and Masters in these tools) but now Kim has me on the PhD level assignment;)–and I’m loving it!!!

Kelly Cole 7/26/2011 10:40:09 AM
Kim is so calm and positive, when I feel like going crazy or am finding the rules really difficult she puts me back on the right path and this is so much better for me and my boyfriend!! Her ideas are so sensible and really work! An extra boost to the rules!! Thanks Kim for all your help!! 😉

Jane_A 7/24/2011 7:02:39 PM
I have read the Rules book and find that it is a truly time tested recipe for finding and capturing the heart of Mr. Right and Kim is just the coach to help you learn and live those principles.

Elizabeth Reid 7/4/2011 2:05:42 PM
Kim is extremely approachable, always calm, feminine, and ready to share her knowledge. I would definitely recommend The Rules to women with strong, dominant personalities, as well as young women trying to figure out how it all works.

Krista Powers 6/28/2011 3:39:52 AM
I had never heard of “The Rules” until I met Kim at a Networking Lunch a few weeks ago. As she told the group about what she does as a “Rules” coach, I became increasingly curious. Not only was her “job” as a Rules Coach fascinating, but everything she said came with Grace and Confidence. Right away she struck me as a person that completely practiced what she preached. I was hooked! Right after the group, I went to the local bookstore and got my own copy of “The Rules” and read it in 2 days. Everything in the book was completely reasonable. It just made sense. People (Men) want what they can’t have, or at least what they’re not sure they can have. Why would we, as women, give our precious heart and time to a man that may not even last longer than a month? This book isn’t about manipulation; it’s about becoming, as the book says, “A Creature Unlike Any Other”! What woman doesn’t want to be special? The only way we’re going to be treated like a precious jewel is to act like one. We deserve to have it all: The career, the man and the life that we’ve always dreamed of. Meeting Kim has completely changed my path. I now know what I really desire to do with my life. I hope to one day become a Rules coach with as much grace, confidence and dignity as Kim!

Kitty 6/24/2011 7:26:10 PM
What I find in the rules is just not a set of rules, for many women is a practical way to see things different. To treat each date as if it was the only one, where we can give the best, and to get better and better each time is done this way. Instead of spending thousands of dollars in other types of help, this is the way to practice, practice, practice, and ultimately be an expert. This is our chance to be responsible for our worth and dignity, and for the other to be the judge. There is an old saying I have lived by and it is â??El Hombre LLega Asta Donde La Mujer Quiere,â? translation is: â??We Let The Guy Get Wherever We Let Them.â? The rules are a concise way live, transmit and at the same time reciprocate what we are asking.

Jana Dae 6/9/2011 7:02:22 PM
WOW!!!! ONE session with you, Kim=INSTANT results!!! YOUR ADVICE IS WORKING!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH….I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER ABOUT ME…You’re amazing. A rules coach sent straight from the heart of God to my heart. Because I am a professional singer, and so is he, I really didn’t know how to approach this. I’m a ‘Diva’ and usually have guys do what I say…at the snap of a finger. But he’s a ‘Divo’ So when you advised to be more gentle & more feminine, flirty but sweet…i was a lil rebellious until I tried it…and WOW! Thank you. He’s calling regularly…not making the excuses of being busy (though I can relate cuz I am too)…but I feel more in control of me) and it’s working on the other options, too…OUTSTANDING!

DK 6/2/2011 1:39:58 AM
Kim Thank you so much for the encouraging, gentle, effective words and advice! You have reminded me to be sweet, sexy, sultry, soft, and slow to breathe and speak. After only dating for 2 months, my guy told me this weekend that he “had fallen for me” and is in love with me. Needless to say, I am ecstatic! I recommend Kim to anyone who needs a few reminders on how The Rules work.

KA 5/28/2011 2:58:59 AM
I am married and had done the rules prior to our marriage. I had worked with other rule coaches before but Kim seems to be one coach who really “gets” it! With her knowledge of the rules and her really understanding men, she has helped me turn my marriage around! I had been going through some really tough times prior to calling her and the “D” word was even mentioned by my husband. After one call and about one week of doing the rules in my marriage, I saw changes! I am sold enough on her coaching that I WILL call her again and get the coaching I need, as I need it! My marriage it worth it and I believe in her and the advice she has given me! The proof is the changes I saw in my marriage just after one calling session with her! She is wonderful!! Thanks Kim! 🙂

Raymond Aguirre 5/26/2011 5:04:03 AM
It’s wonderful to have you as my friend. You have a natural talent with people and being a” Rules Coach” is wonderful to guide and assist people in their relationship. I, myself treat women with respect, honor them and each women I meet is a unique individual. “Rules” should bring loves ones closer to each other with love and understanding. Hear me “Men” please do not disrespect, abuse nor take these women for granted. These lovely women are giving their precious love and heart to you. It’s a gift that can last forever. Love you Kim and love you for your heart’s desire to serve others.

Gustavo 5/20/2011 2:23:28 PM
Before my girlfriend started consulting with Kim, I had never even heard of “The Rules.” Rules? What “rules?” I didn’t know there were any “rules.” But I can now honestly say that Kim not only knows “The Rules,” she also apparently knows ………….. When it’s ok to break them!

Fernando 5/20/2011 2:18:59 PM
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year now. Although I still love her, in all honesty our relationship had grown a bit boring and routine. But a few weeks ago, she started consulting with you. I don’t know what you told her, but our sex life is off the charts now! She has also been going out of her way to do little things for me that I didn’t even ask her to do. She is almost like a different person! So, I just had to write to say “Thanks, Kim! You are the greatest. Keep doing what you do! And keep changing lives!

Kyle 5/17/2011 8:43:31 PM
As a guy I honestly wish more Rules girls existed. Finding one of these gems is truly an exciting experience. It’s a true gift to desire someone who has got their act together and has an exciting life of her own. She also knows how to create an environment where I am invigorated, welcome, and creatively recharged. It’s the gift of missing her, and hunger to see her again, which makes for sweet delicious chemistry every time my eyes feast upon hers and my hands caress hers. When there’s a coach to explain the spirit behind The Rules… I find a lady whom I’m proud to open her doors. The Rules becomes a path of self discovery, empowerment, and ultimately make one’s true-self shine thru the crap-o-sphere like the north star on a cloudless summer night. To find and keep Mr. Right, realize he’s on the lookout for Ms. Right. Though be careful going overboard on rule #5. Kim, please help more ladies realize their beautiful potential.

AC 5/15/2011 2:15:26 AM
My relationship is so great now! Better than ever. My man is a perfect loving boyfriend (even when I’m mad at him, ha-ha). I love listening to the recordings of the consults so I can listen again whenever I need and learn something I may have missed. This is important for me because Kim’s coaching suggestions are a revelation! She really does give you a new perspective and a new attitude for dating. For me, the recordings really add value for money. And still, I can’t wait for my next consult just to see how much deeper our happiness can go with Kim’s coaching! I’m so grateful!

Payton Renee 5/14/2011 5:35:55 AM
I was at my breaking point, at wits end, feeling beat down and complete sorrow before I spoke to Kim. I reached out to her not expecting our conversation to take the impact that it did. I was pretty much aware of all the problems in my relationship. So as I tell my girlfriend’s these things, they respond with information I already know. In return, speaking to them ended up being just a vent session. Kim gave it to me straight; she didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. She actually had me in tears because she confirmed my feelings were reality and it was no way to be in a relationship among other things. I was looking for help and that wasn’t what I wanted to hear. The thing is, she had me look at the reality of my problems and see them in a different perspective. After my session with Kim she had me feeling lifted with “confidence” as well as “hope”. I had only a short time with her, but was worth more than I could have ever thought. I was left with excitement and a smile on my face when we were done. The rules were more than just rules. Kim is the girl to show women how to apply them. She is very good at how she does this. It’s like I have been so blind and she is helping me see in a different light. Thank you, Kim. I can’t wait for our next session. If I have learned this much in literally a very short amount of time. I can only imagine what more I can learn.

A 4/28/2011 5:27:16 PM
Kim, Thank you for your prescription! I thought I knew The Rules by heart. I’ve even had other consults, but Kim is the coach for me! Her understanding and guidance helped revive my relationship overnight! Even with all these years of rules practice under my belt, Kim has doubled my understanding of the successful man/woman love dynamic and my confidence within my relationship. I feel so lucky I found her. I’m excited for my next consult with her so my relationship can go even deeper for us both! Thank you Kim for the wonderful “prescription” and advice and guidance!!

Pamela Rivero 3/14/2011 5:00:37 AM
I was having a really bad break up and I didn’t know what to do, or how to act, I felt so lost. So I contacted Kim via email and she was so helpful, she told me how to be a rules girl even in a breakup situation and I did, and she promised me if I did what she said my ex-boyfriend was most likely to contact me again, and guess what? He did. Being a rules girl doesn’t mean being old fashioned or not being a successful woman on the contrary, it means you understand men and women are different so we should act different, I used to act with boys like guys are with girls because I thought…. Well, we are the same right? Wrong, and if you are thinking this is a whole new concept for you, don’t worry there is people to help you and guide you to be happy, Kim is one of them.

4 thoughts on “Success Stories

  1. Kim is extremely approachable, always calm, feminine, and ready to share her knowledge. I would definitely recommend The Rules to women with strong, dominant personalities, as well as young women trying to figure out how it all works.

  2. Kim’s teachings are simple and effective, she not only helps us improve relationships with men but people in general. Her core philosophy is minimum effort maximum results, this saves us a lot of time and energy.

  3. Have just booked and looking forward to my 1st consult with Kim. I need a mentor and guide in relationship advice as I just can’t seem to hold a man at all ? I’m very drawn to this lovely lady… so it’s onwards and up from here on 🙂

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