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Tuesday for Friday

If you work on Saturday then Friday is the 2nd best option for Date Night, which means he must ask you out by TUESDAY! #tueforfri #wedforsat #advicebykim #strictbutsuccessful #callkimnothim

Advice By Kim

Love Maps: Toxic Moms

Love Maps is something I just started doing with all my new clients.

Since most of my success stories did this homework as part of their coaching package, I decided to make it part of the client onboarding process with everyone from Day 1.

It helps me determine where your blockages are and if you have Inner Child wounds that need healing.

I recommend this book for girls with toxic moms, “Mothers Who Cannot Love: A Healing Guide for Daughter.”

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Advice By Kim

The Wednesday Rule

It’s Wednesday, which is the cut-off day for him to ask you out for the weekend, preferably Saturday night.

If you’re online dating and it’s Date Zero (the first meeting in real life), he can ask you out by Tuesday for Friday.

Past Wednesday, you already have plans. If you don’t, you should be making them now.

You are already booked up after Wednesday. Go to the gym, meet up with girlfriends, do yoga, or have movie night with your Mom.

I don’t care what you do… Stay at home if you like. Take a bubble bath and read The Rules… You have PLANS!

In fact, past Wednesday, I wouldn’t even bother replying to any text messages from suitors because the answer is, “No” anyway.

This will help you avoid unnecessary and unRulesy text conversations. This is setting boundaries, communicating high value and self-esteem.

What if he texts you Thursday morning and you say, “Thanks, but I already have plans.?

The problem is you may get into a ping-pong text fest where he’s asking, “What are your plans?” And you are caught with your pants down, wondering how to respond and be honest but mysterious.

You don’t even need to have that discussion. Don’t open those messages or you’ll be tempted to reply.


You “Dead Zone” him. This means no communication.

If you’re single and dating, the only person you should be texting is the guy who has already set up a date for Friday or Saturday and he’s texting you to confirm.

If you’re in a relationship, hopefully your boyfriend is asking you out every Saturday without skipping.

You can reply to messages Sunday after 6 pm or Monday after 10 am if you’re stricter.

Remember, men are hunters. They need a challenge. They chase things that are running away from them, not running towards them or waiting around.

Absence increases your value. Let men chase you and be treated like a Queen.

Men don’t chase dead rabbits.

Many of you are dating in a haphazard manner and doing whatever you feel without a clear strategy so your relationships end up short-lived.

I am here to give you logic, structure, stability and mature order… Things that are built to last.

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Advice By Kim

Are You Dating?

The word “dating” gets misused a lot.

Many women are under the delusion that they are dating when they are not.

The majority of these women are meeting men through online dating sites and chat apps.

But that’s not “dating.” I must make this clear once and for all.

Online dating isn’t dating.

It’s just finding people to explore the possibility of dating…


Just because he texts or calls you every day doesn’t mean you’re dating.

Just because he takes you out to dinner once or twice doesn’t mean you’re dating.

And just because you’re having sex with him doesn’t mean you’re dating.

You’re not dating unless if HE THINKS you’re dating.

Are you being honest with yourself about where you stand?

Wondering if you’re really dating or not?

Don’t delude yourself into believing you are dating if there is no evidence that you are.

If you don’t know and would like a Rules Relationship Analysis, call me for a consultation and I will tell you the truth. Call me before you break any rules.

No more time-wasters, narcissistic players and Tinder fails.

I will teach you how to date with dignity, self-respect, healthy boundaries and self-esteem.

Through 1-on-1 coaching, I will mold you into a Creature Unlike Any Other so that you can marry Mr. Right in the shortest possible time.

You can get a proposal in a year or less by following my “strict but successful” dating style.

Sound too good to be true? Believe it. Read my success stories. They are living proof.

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Male Universe

Masculine Insecurity Is Real

Masculine insecurity is a real issue due to their hardwiring and inner child wounds.

It’s not something you should just write off like, “Oh, he’s just insecure!” and use that to shame men for your relationship problems. So you take the focus off of you and blame it all on them. That is being insensitive, inconsiderate and self-absorbed.

You must learn how to do your part and do it graciously and lovingly. All relationships are your mirror. You don’t live in a vacuum. Men react to your actions. Therefore, how a man treats you tells me how well you are (or not) doing The Rules.

Take responsibility for everything you create in your life because the Divine Feminine leads on an emotional and spiritual level. (Yes, The Rules Books does say that women carry the emotional burden of the relationship, not the man.)

The male ego is ultra sensitive, fragile and should be handled with care. You can help a man feel more secure is by doing The Rules as a daily, consistent way of life in ALL your relationships, not just with men. But mostly on YOURSELF.

A man needs a woman who is sweet, gracious and respectful while standing in her own power, her supreme femininity. Not a loud, bossy, controlling, power-obsessed woman who is disrespectful of his masculinity.

Healthy boundaries, self-control and Holding Your Mood is always classy and ATTRACTIVE.

Doing The Rules brings out the best in you and in your man.

If you are too self-absorbed, emotionally heavy or resentful of men “being men,” then relationships are NOT for you.

Kim Evazians
The Strict But Successful Coach

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Advice By Kim

Dead Zone

Dead Zone = Disappear. You’re out. Busy. Gone!

On weekends, learn how to disconnect, retreat and go mute.

By not responding, you are maintaining your feminine poise and power. This communicates high value and worth.

It’s none of their business what you’re doing with whom, when, and where.

These are boyfriend privileges. Unless he is your boyfriend, no guy is entitled to know anything or a response.

Texting back to inform him of your whereabouts shows no boundaries and low self-esteem, which invites disrespect or worse–abuse.

Some women need to be put on The Duct Tape Plan or hit the mute button to withdraw your energy during Dead Zone.

You can’t be a big mouth and blurt out everything that’s on your mind or what you’re doing over the weekend via texts.

Be a complete mystery. Be a challenge. Be the PRIZE!!!

No contact until Mon 10am. Yes, I am stricter than the books (which says until Sun 6pm)! No exceptions.

A man will form his lifelong opinion of you based on your rules or non rules behavior during the Critical Window (first 30 days). Therefore, it is life or death to do The Rules.

Kim Evazians
The Strict But Successful Coach

For advice, please book an appointment by sending a Wufoo Form.