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If You Break The Rules

“If you break The Rules, will he still marry you?” I get clients asking me this all the time. They do The Rules for the first 2 months and then they stop.

I’ve also been doing this long enough to know that women don’t do The Rules strictly from the beginning and throughout the relationship end up regretting it later.

They create a situation where they’re unhappy, stuck, and it’s extremely hard or impossible to change even if he marries you.

Sure, he may marry you. But it might not be the marriage you had always dreamed it would be. It may not be one that is happy, healthy, romantic, emotionally fulfilling… And it may not last.

I tell my clients, “Don’t break The Rules at all. It’s not just a way of dating, it’s a religion. It’s not just something you do to get the ring, it’s forever.”

When you do The Rules strictly first until the 50th date, you never have to worry about do-overs (2nd chances) because he won’t fall out of love with you or treat you badly.

When you break The Rules, you automatically take the pleasure men get from pursuing you, and they end up resenting you for it. Then they treat you badly and you’re going in circles, spending weeks in therapy wondering what you did or said that caused the problem.

The answer is simple: you broke The Rules.

If you want to date without worry, call me before you break any rules.

Women who have worked with me and followed my advice still thank me to this day and say they have been very blessed by my guidance.

I am a teacher of the true spiritual path to receive divine truth, divine wisdom and divine protection in your journey to finding true love and matrimonial success.

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Advice By Kim

Rules vs. Lesson Relationships

If you want to get a proposal in a year and date without worry… Call Kim, Not Him!

[The Critical Window] I tell clients, “Everything I need to know about your relationship is in the first 3 messages, the first 3 dates and the first 3 months.” No more time-wasters and Tinder fails.

First 3 messages: the chase, getting the date
First 3 dates: courtship, getting to know you until exclusivity
First 3 months: the honeymoon phase, exclusive until engaged

The 3 Month Mark: This is precisely when women start backsliding, coasting and breaking The Rules because they now feel comfortable thinking, “Oh, he likes me!” and go back to their old self.

The mask comes off and their true character is revealed if they have any character flaws, weaknesses or inner child wounds that need to be healed. Time will tell everything.

This is why it’s crucial to get coaching and work with me on self-development BEFORE you date and while you are in the Critical Window.

Otherwise, you will get yourself stuck in a non-Rules or Karmic relationship aka “The Lesson Relationship” where you reap what you sow. In a Rules relationship, you would end up getting married. In a Karmic relationship, you end up in therapy for years, recovering from man pain.

If you want to save money in time and consultations, it’s cheaper and faster if you call me BEFORE you break rules so I can help you get married, not clean up the mess and try to work with a problem no one can solve.

Call me the SECOND you meet Mr. Right. BEFORE you text all day and night, sleep with him, go on a trip, BEFORE you break other rules, etc…

The quicker you contact me for a consultation, the less rules you’ll break and the sooner you’ll get married!

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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Before booking, it is highly recommended that you get The Rules Books and my audios e.g. Mission CUAO, Hold Your Mood to Hold Your Man in order to get the most out of your coaching sessions.

Male Universe

Masculine Insecurity Is Real

Masculine insecurity is a real issue due to their hardwiring and inner child wounds.

It’s not something you should just write off like, “Oh, he’s just insecure!” and use that to shame men for your relationship problems. So you take the focus off of you and blame it all on them. That is being insensitive, inconsiderate and self-absorbed.

You must learn how to do your part and do it graciously and lovingly. All relationships are your mirror. You don’t live in a vacuum. Men react to your actions. Therefore, how a man treats you tells me how well you are (or not) doing The Rules.

Take responsibility for everything you create in your life because the Divine Feminine leads on an emotional and spiritual level. (Yes, The Rules Books does say that women carry the emotional burden of the relationship, not the man.)

The male ego is ultra sensitive, fragile and should be handled with care. You can help a man feel more secure is by doing The Rules as a daily, consistent way of life in ALL your relationships, not just with men. But mostly on YOURSELF.

A man needs a woman who is sweet, gracious and respectful while standing in her own power, her supreme femininity. Not a loud, bossy, controlling, power-obsessed woman who is disrespectful of his masculinity.

Healthy boundaries, self-control and Holding Your Mood is always classy and ATTRACTIVE.

Doing The Rules brings out the best in you and in your man.

If you are too self-absorbed, emotionally heavy or resentful of men “being men,” then relationships are NOT for you.

Kim Evazians
The Strict But Successful Coach

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Modern Geisha

The Paradox of Feminine Power

Women who struggle with dating must understand that all relationships are exchanges of power.

You cannot ask or demand for power to be given to you.

It is an exchange of energy where something must be given in return. For example, these are forms of energy: time, money, material goods, labor, services or attention.

If you take, you must first give. Everything has a cost. This is the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

You want money? Earn.

You want knowledge? Study.

You want mastery? Train.

You want respect? Be respectful.

You want to be Queen? Serve.

You want power? Submit.

You want him to fall madly in love with you? (I teach this art in private MG lessons. This is my craft.)

True power is letting the other person believe they have total control.

This is how Modern Geishas became the wealthiest, most educated, most glamorous, and most respected women in the Japanese culture.

They figured out long ago that the best way to gain power is by giving it away.

Feminine power is like water: soft, fluid, and formless.

Water does not strive against Nature, it flows with the current.

The paradox of feminine power is being patient and passive. Not power-seeking or interested in control.

It runs parallel to the Wu Wei paradox: “to rule without effort.”

Wu Wei is accomplishing by non-action. Without effort. Without excessive struggle.

Trying too hard ruins everything. It is not seductive. It repels what you want.

If you remain neutral and uncontrived, even the elements will bend to your will.

Kim Evazians
The Strict But Successful Coach

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Advice By Kim

Is It Hard?

Is it hard for you to walk away from a Lukewarm Suitor who isn’t that into you to begin with?

Is it hard to accept that your Suitor is now a Timewaster?

Is it hard to do “No Contact” with your ex and move on?

It’s hard because we all want it EASY and we want it NOW… Not later.

You are where you are because it’s COMFORTABLE.

There is nothing wrong with that, but it’s deceptively dangerous. When you are comfortable, you cannot change and grow.

You remove the option of upgrading and finding Mr. Right. You stagnate in a mediocre relationship that is unsatisfying but unable to walk away.

When you are comfortable, you tend to stay in “Relationship Limbo.” It’s neither heaven nor hell.

Or worse…

You make bad decisions that create trauma bonding with abusive relationships. This causes even more harm in the long run, emotionally and physically.

Taking the easy way is like making a deal with the devil. It feels good now but there’s a hidden price to pay later.

In fact, you end up paying more than you ever thought. Far more than the price of Rules Consultations with me.

I’ve told countless clients to walk away when the writing is on the wall. This is not the moment to be weak, indecisive and stall.

You must make a critical decision where timing is of the essence. Don’t wait!

I’m not telling you something frivolous, like what shoes to wear for your date.

Here’s what happens…
The ones who listened got the ring.
The ones who did not got dumped.
(Much to their shock!)

You don’t need a crystal ball to know what will happen. Show me what rules you’ve done (or broken) and I’ll show you your future.

Many clients say I’m amazing because of my precise and accurate advice. I just tell people the unsugarcoated truth.

If you want the ring, you must do what is required of you: follow The Rules. Do it without fail, without waffling, and without excuses.

You can choose not to follow The Rules… I won’t go after you… But you don’t get to choose the consequences of breaking them.

These are iron-clad rules from which there is no escape. This is The Law of Sowing and Reaping:

Whatever a woman soweth in her relationships, that which shall she reap.

The Bible

My coaching is all about achieving long lasting success by having ethics. Most people are not successful in life because having ethics is hard.

Do what is hard, not what is easy. For lasting success, so much depends on your ability to “Choose your hard.”

To hear more on this, listen to my audio lecture, “Mission CUAO.” The best investment is yourself.

Kim Evazians
The Strict But Successful Coach

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How to Work with Kim: Advice by appointment only. Please do not email unless if you are a client and I am requesting information for an upcoming consult. Due to the constant overload of emails, I am unable to answer any questions that are not booked and paid for through my website. To book a consult, please submit a Wufoo form. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.