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Strict But Effective πŸ‘‘

“Strict But Effective”

If you have been following The Rules for decades but still struggling to capture the heart of Mr. Right, watch this video.

My coaching is strict but effective while the books were written “moderate for the masses.” Without personal instruction, most people get there eventually, but slowly with a lot of struggle, and the results are not as good.Β 

While the masses consume paperback books because they are low-cost and easily available, private mentoring with a “highly accomplished teacher” is more expensive and harder to find, but has always been the chosen method of the educated elite.

Ambitious, success-oriented people will seek out “highly accomplished teachers” to learn uncommon and superior strategies because they can’t afford to be average or mediocre in a harsh and highly competitive world.

It’s hard to be a Creature Unlike Any Other” when you follow the masses. My audio lecture Mission CUAO explains this principle in exquisite detail, how to be a CUAO and differentiate yourself from the rest.

Mission CUAO may be strict and politically incorrect, but it prepares you for the harsh reality of life. The educated elite were strictly trained and conditioned by their family, teachers and various caretakers in their community since birth. They know they are different, valuable, special and a “Creature Unlike Any Other” because they have been properly taught how to live up to that title.

Even if you were not taught this concept when you were a child, as an adult, you have the self-responsibility to seek out mentors, networks, and resources to further yourself.

“A CUAO never blames, never complains, never criticizes or makes excuses.”

Mission CUAO by KIm Evazians

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Advice By Kim

Kim’s Thought Library

Knowledge is a privilege.

[Kim’s Thought Library πŸ‘‘] People have called this, “The Age of Information.” But I call it, “The Age of Information Clutter.”

Not all information out there on the internet is valuable, useful and relevant.

Most of the content on the internet is advertising and entertainment, not education. But some people believe they are being “educated.”

Successful people are able to distinguish between what’s valuable, relevant and useful information and what isn’t. Most importantly, they act upon it. They are the “educated elite.”

Since so many Rules Girls have been writing to me requesting to join my FB group. Here’s information about my group, my rules, and requirements.

Description: This is a secret underground mastermind group exclusively for clients of Kim Evazians, Certified Rules Dating Coach since 2010.

Membership is offered to active clients in good standing. Applications will be carefully considered on an individual basis depending on our relationship history.

Members will have access to “Privileged Knowledge”: fundamental instruction that is considered common knowledge for Rules Girls based on The Rules books, culture, and mindset.

Application Fee: $101.11
Monthly Tuition: $55.00
Special Limited Time Offer: $33.99

Rules & Requirements:
A. Submit application fee and monthly tuition.

B. Have at least 3 audios:

  1. Mission CUAO
  2. Hold Your Mood to Hold Your Man
  3. One of your choice

C. Complete the Wufoo form:

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Style by Kim

Dress and Diet

This is how some ladies would dress just to go out to lunch in New York City. Fitted dress suits were the ultimate CUAO uniform back in the 1950’s. They were schooled on how to dress, how to walk and talk, and how to act around men. Taking care of their figure was the first order.

A client booked a consult asking me: “What are some ways that a CUAO dresses?

At the moment I am a bit overweight. However, I still do not want to limit myself romantically by focusing on what I am not thus ruling myself out of love.

I am also going to be 34 years old this year. Therefore, I do feel the pressure of my clock starting to tick. Do school me on dressing.” -Rules Girl in New York City

Please understand, I cannot give you advice on dressing without addressing your diet first. Your figure is the foundation of your dress and may limit what you can wear. Also, remember that men are visual and every man has a type.

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Advice By Kim

If You Break The Rules

“If you break The Rules, will he still marry you?” I get clients asking me this all the time. They do The Rules for the first 2 months and then they stop.

I’ve also been doing this long enough to know that women don’t do The Rules strictly from the beginning and throughout the relationship end up regretting it later.

They create a situation where they’re unhappy, stuck, and it’s extremely hard or impossible to change even if he marries you.

Sure, he may marry you. But it might not be the marriage you had always dreamed it would be. It may not be one that is happy, healthy, romantic, emotionally fulfilling… And it may not last.

I tell my clients, “Don’t break The Rules at all. It’s not just a way of dating, it’s a religion. It’s not just something you do to get the ring, it’s forever.”

When you do The Rules strictly first until the 50th date, you never have to worry about do-overs (2nd chances) because he won’t fall out of love with you or treat you badly.

When you break The Rules, you automatically take the pleasure men get from pursuing you, and they end up resenting you for it. Then they treat you badly and you’re going in circles, spending weeks in therapy wondering what you did or said that caused the problem.

The answer is simple: you broke The Rules.

If you want to date without worry, call me before you break any rules.

Women who have worked with me and followed my advice still thank me to this day and say they have been very blessed by my guidance.

I am a teacher of the true spiritual path to receive divine truth, divine wisdom and divine protection in your journey to finding true love and matrimonial success.

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Style by Kim

Strict Style Bodycon

Kim Evazians “Strict Style Bodycon”

This is my own personal style when it comes to choosing bodycon dresses. I call it the “Strict Style Bodycon”: no cleavage, 3/4 length sleeves and grazes right above the knees.

I have many clients asking me for fashion advice. I think what you wear should reflect your unique personality and core essence. It’s also a reflection of your upbringing, family background, education, and social status.

When giving clients direction in styling, I tell them to choose quality, sturdy fabrics, well-fitted, and well-tailored dresses with good design.

Most importantly, there should be some feminine detail or design element that makes it stand out.

For example, this simple gray dress has a keyhole with a bow tie knot. They took a plain sheath dress and made it look “unlike any other” by adding a simple embellishment or two.

This dress is an example of strictness with prettiness.

Sexy but strict, conservative, classic and very pretty.

BTW, I am not giving anyone fashion advice here. I’m just sharing with you my own personal taste and why I choose what I do.

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Advice By Kim


Dear Tinderella, If a guy texted you earlier during the week and casually suggests meeting on Friday but does not give you concrete details (e.g. time, place) then you don’t have a date. You’ve been “bookmarked.”

A guy who is serious will follow-up during the week to confirm plans but until then you don’t take bookmarks seriously.

You don’t get mad he didn’t follow-through. You make other plans and happily move on with your amazing life.

Always be moving in a good mood. Be glad you didn’t waste time with someone who was flakey and just not that into you.

Not sure how to navigate online dating and Tinder? Read The Rules for Online Dating (Kindle 2002) then call me if you have any questions.

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