Miss Piggy’s Rules

Miss Piggy wrote her own rules book! Secrets for catching Mr. Right and throwing him back when you’ve had enough.Β πŸ’˜πŸ₯°πŸ‘‘ #MoiΒ #MissPiggyΒ #RulesΒ #LoveMyselfΒ #Empress

Miss Piggy has always been my inspiration for embodying empress energy.

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Divine Feminine

Empress Energy

Strictness is how you communicate value without words. Everything is energy. It’s not what you say, but what you exude. #advicebykim #empressenergy #empressvibes

Advice By Kim

The Wednesday Rule

It’s Wednesday, which is the cut-off day for him to ask you out for the weekend, preferably Saturday night.

If you’re online dating and it’s Date Zero (the first meeting in real life), he can ask you out by Tuesday for Friday.

Past Wednesday, you already have plans. If you don’t, you should be making them now.

You are already booked up after Wednesday. Go to the gym, meet up with girlfriends, do yoga, or have movie night with your Mom.

I don’t care what you do… Stay at home if you like. Take a bubble bath and read The Rules… You have PLANS!

In fact, past Wednesday, I wouldn’t even bother replying to any text messages from suitors because the answer is, “No” anyway.

This will help you avoid unnecessary and unRulesy text conversations. This is setting boundaries, communicating high value and self-esteem.

What if he texts you Thursday morning and you say, “Thanks, but I already have plans.?

The problem is you may get into a ping-pong text fest where he’s asking, “What are your plans?” And you are caught with your pants down, wondering how to respond and be honest but mysterious.

You don’t even need to have that discussion. Don’t open those messages or you’ll be tempted to reply.


You “Dead Zone” him. This means no communication.

If you’re single and dating, the only person you should be texting is the guy who has already set up a date for Friday or Saturday and he’s texting you to confirm.

If you’re in a relationship, hopefully your boyfriend is asking you out every Saturday without skipping.

You can reply to messages Sunday after 6 pm or Monday after 10 am if you’re stricter.

Remember, men are hunters. They need a challenge. They chase things that are running away from them, not running towards them or waiting around.

Absence increases your value. Let men chase you and be treated like a Queen.

Men don’t chase dead rabbits.

Many of you are dating in a haphazard manner and doing whatever you feel without a clear strategy so your relationships end up short-lived.

I am here to give you logic, structure, stability and mature order… Things that are built to last.

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Style by Kim

Your Dress Can Open Doors

My mood: feeling neutral.

Less is elegant. The perfect dress is a well-fitted dress.

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.

-Edith Head

Your style and self-presentation tells people a lot about your personality and character, your level of education, your upbringing, how confident you are, how successful you are and how trustworthy you are.

First impressions count. When you first meet a someone, he will make a judgment about you in four seconds, and his judgment is finalized mostly within 30 seconds of the initial contact.

In a survey of the American Personnel and Guidance Association, those men and women responsible for hiring people for large companies generally agreed that they made their discussion to hire or not hire a person within 30 seconds of their first meeting.

Everything contributes to the way you look on the outside is important. If it’s not helping you, it’s hurting you. While you cannot control your physical features, you have total control over your dress and personal grooming.

People will generally assume that you are making a personal statement about yourself with every part of your appearance that can be affected in any way.

Your style and manner of dress can either open or close doors of opportunity both in romance and at work… And I do mean literally…

I travel quite often and everywhere I go, I always make an effort to look neat, respectful, well-coordinated and well-put-together. No matter what country I am traveling in, whether I’m at the airport, going out to dinner, dancing or a shopping mall, people are extra kind, gracious, helpful and opening doors for me.

Even as a child, I always had the habit of being meticulous with my dress. It was something that was instilled early on in my upbringing to dress like a lady.

I am not so certain if people would be so kind, helpful and gracious to me if I didn’t make the effort in my appearance.

Therefore, my advice is, choose your dress wisely. You never know when you will have a date with destiny.

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My coaching style is based on having a superior fundamental strategy. Too many people try to use thoughtless, short-sighted, empty-headed tactics that don’t work.

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Remember. Knowledge is power… But only if you get it in advance.

So much depends on that first impression. It takes less than 60 seconds for a man to form his lifelong opinion of you. After that, he will only look for proof that he was right. Therefore, it is life or death to do The Rules from the moment you meet.

This is me coaching clients Vader style…

#iamyourmother #pinklightsaber #vaderstyle

I am your Mother… Together, we can rule the galaxy. May The Rules be with you.

-KIm Evazians
Success Story

I Said Yes

On this day, he asked, “Will you marry me?”

I had just turned 26 years old 2 weeks before on August 1st. It was the weekend right before I started my new job teaching high school physics in a small town called Grandview, Texas.

Every Saturday, I had church choir practice at 4:00pm so I was busy all the time. Hardly had a spare moment. I don’t know how he managed to make it happen, but no matter what was going on, my husband was very well-organized and a good planner. The best part was he always knew how to keep everything hidden to make sure it a surprise.

He was very impressed that I was in such an agreeable mood that day. I said, “Okay” to everything he asked. Without asking any questions. Nor did it seem like I suspected anything. I did not seem anxious or worried at all. I was perfectly poised in my feminine power. I trusted him. Completely.

He was leading me to a surprise romantic proposal and it happened because I let go. For the first time, I had no idea what was going on and I was okay with that. I was totally calm, relaxed, and maintained my feminine poise. Because no matter what, I am sure of myself and I trusted him.

My husband originally wanted to take me on a special trip somewhere. But we had already taken 6 trips to Chicago for family funerals and weddings. It was like everyone decided to get married all at once that year! There was no time. The ring was ready and he could not wait. On this day, he proposed and I said, “Yes.”

I secretly had a deadline in my mind to be married by 25 and got engaged two weeks after turning 26. Of course, I never told him until just a couple of years ago. He was shocked at how I could keep something secret for so long. That’s keeping the mystery. It was a private deadline I made before I met him and never told anyone.

Considering the fact that my husband never knew my secret timeline, his timing was impeccable.

As women, we have to respect that a man’s timing for the proposal is not within our control. If you had heard my husband’s story and everything he had to go through to get the ring, you would be sweet, understanding and patient. Planning the perfect proposal takes a lot of work, coordination and time.

Everything worked out so smoothly because I was patient with him and maintained my feminine poise. Do not suffer like mere mortals by being impatient or in a hurry. Act as if you have all the time in the world.

“Patience is the supreme virtue of the gods who have nothing but time.”

-Robert Greene

When you practice patience, you are the Divine Feminine standing in your own power and the Divine Masculine will follow.